Double amputee Salarvand shows a unique determination

May 19, 2020 - 13:19

TEHRAN - Sajad Salarvand, 38, is showing his determination by climbing the mountains without legs.

Both of Sajad's feet had been amputated four years ago after a car accident.

Being born and raised in the city of Dorud in Lorestan Province, Salarvand got interested in mountaineering as a teenager due to the close proximity to the slopes of Oshtrankuh, the mountain that is located about 15 kilometers south of Dorud.

The Iranian mountaineer sees his feet as a God-given gift that was taken away by God as well.

It is the spirit that causes him to stand on the highest peak of Iran, Damavand, less than two years after the accident.

The double-leg amputee then conquered the Bisotun Wall for the first time in the world.

Sajad poses an example to people with disabilities with his many mountaineering achievements, such as the conquest of Milad Tower with stair climbing and Mount Ararat, which is the highest peak in Turkey. He is the third super professional disabled mountaineer in the world.

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