By Taher Al-Nono

We Palestinians celebrate Quds Day

May 25, 2020 - 17:45

On this day, we say to our people and our nation that this year, Quds is in grave danger and faces the threat of Judaization. Al-Aqsa Mosque may be divided by Zionists, but our confidence in our nation is high.

International Quds Day is the day when people come out in response to the call of Imam Khomeini, may God have mercy on him, who set this date. Our nation will not fail. They believe that God protects Quds and its people.

We Palestinians consider every day as Quds Day. We welcome all efforts and supports evoked by the Quds issue, and we send our best wished to all Palestinians of Quds who live around the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

We, as Palestinians, celebrate this day, and we consider every day to be a Quds Day. We believe that the city of Quds is the eternal capital of the Palestinian people, not the Zionist entity's capital, as the Trump administration wants.

We thank the Islamic Republic of Iran, which has always stood with the Palestinian people and supports them to reclaim their rights.

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