Tehran criticizes S. Korea for overdue medical shipment

June 1, 2020 - 21:43

TEHRAN — Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi has criticized South Korea for their submissive conduct toward the United States, saying the Koreans have been waiting to receive a green light from the U.S. government for sending a medical shipment to Iran.

South Korea said last week that it would ship $500,000 worth of medicine to Iran used to treat a hereditary disease. The cargo is the first of such humanitarian exports to Iran since the United States imposed unilateral sanctions on Tehran in 2018.

Asked to comment on the development, Mousavi said, “Gee, thanks to them for that! We have held two long years of negotiations on this matter; however, the Koreans listen to the Americans, and they have been waiting to receive a green light from the U.S.”

He explained that while Iran has had seven billion dollars of assets in South Korea and they were obliged to return it in cash or goods upon Tehran’s request, “the Koreans have shown negligence and procrastination” under the pretext of U.S. sanctions, Mehr reported.

Tehran has repeatedly reminded the East Asian country that Iran is not under any international bans, and the U.S.’s unilateral sanctions cannot be the basis for the actions of other countries, including South Korea.

The spokesman underlined that Tehran is seeking to repatriate all its assets from South Korea to remind Seoul that it should not let a third state hamper their longstanding, friendly relations.

“We are willing to retake all our assets from South Korea; this is a small but positive step, which comes with procrastination, to remind the Koreans that the long-standing ties between the two countries should not be marred by the interventions of a third country.”


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