Children’s writer Susan Taqdis’s last book published

June 5, 2020 - 18:41

TEHRAN – The last book by Iranian children’s author Susan Taqdis, who died in April, has been published.

“O God… O God”, which is the first book of a three-volume series published by Neyestan, is composed of ten supplications in the language of children.

In this book, whose target audience is children between the ages of eight and ten, children talk to God about their needs and wishes. It actually provides new insights into theism for children.

The book can also be viewed as a practice for composition for children at school.

“O God, when I began writing this book I asked you to help me. I said that nobody has written a book of prayers for children, or if there are some books of this kind, I have read none of them, so help me write good words,” Taqdis wrote in a preface to the book illustrated by Sara Kasiri.

Taqdis, the writer of the acclaimed story “The Eleventh Step”, died of heart disease at 61.

She commenced her career in writing in Kayhan Bacheha, Iran’s first children’s magazine, by writing the story “My Daddy Was a Thief”.    

Taqdis’s works were honored at several national literary events. Her story “Did You See a Yellow Nose?” was honored in 2007 at the Parvin Etesami Literary Awards, which are awarded for works by female literati with outstanding achievements in Persian literature.

In 2008, she was honored at Iran’s Book of the Year Awards for her “The Eleventh Step” about a lion cub that never dared to take one more step toward its freedom when the zookeeper forgot to lock its cage’s door. 

Her other credits include “Do You See the Crimson Too?”, “My Giraffe Is Blue”, “Once Upon a Time”, “Behind the Blue Wall”, “The Life Story of Prophet Noah (AS)”, “The Green Kids” and “The Little Girl and Her Angel”.    

Photo: This combination photo shows writer Susan Taqdis and her book “O God… O Gad”.


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