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Breathe in Iran’s nature through 360 virtual tours while on coronavirus lockdown

June 10, 2020 - 15:33

Imagine a number of mountains tied together on land where the soil is almost red and the mountains look like a canvas on which a painter has brushed different colors of the rainbow.

Giving you the fact that such a place actually exists, where do you think it would be? In which continent and which country? Think of Iran and the first thing coming to your mind is definitely one of its cultural and historical heritages. When it comes to Iran’s nature and natural attractions, the deserts absorb the public eye, while there’s such a place called rainbow valley in Qeshm Island.

A number of Iranians even have no idea about the numerous natural wonders that exist in Iran. April and May  are the two months when the blessed mother of nature injects a new lease of life into the veins of Iran’s nature and fascinating sceneries come into sight. Yet, the whole world is battling with the pandemic of Coronavirus these days and everyone’s trapped in quarantine lockdown.

With the effect of Covid-19 on the world and people, traveling and visiting other countries is almost impossible or it might be better to say insane; however, there are solutions for that. Many museums are offering virtual or online visits. In Iran, UNESCO’s World Heritages are also covered by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism, and Handicrafts, and again, the significance of the magic of natural wonders in Iran is ignored.

Visit Our Iran” campaign is about to shed more light on the less known experiences and activities and introduces you to some of these remote, off the beaten tracks that take you to a different adventure. This way, travelers can check out these amazing charms of nature and put themselves in the center of 360° views of these places even during Coronavirus lockdown; and even by some clicks, they can move in some of them as if they’re really walking through these panoramic photos. All that endeavor is a base to raising the spirit of traveling in general, travelers themselves, and local communities whose existence is empowered and preserved through tourism.

Considering one instance, the people of Sistan and Baluchestan are almost ignored when it comes to the tourism industry. This disregarded province has embraced the most beautiful reconciliation of opposing elements of nature on the coast of the Oman Sea. In this naturally wonderful place, the desert meets the sea and on the rise of this occasion, nature invites the viewer to the scenic sunset beyond the sand dunes, over the blue surface of tides. Such an experience is adorable and in Iran virtual 360 natural tour, you can get a virtual taste of it through 360 panoramas with high-quality pictures while you’re in quarantine.

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