By Diego Vida

The Hebraism untold

June 22, 2020 - 15:15

The Zionist regime is the real cause of the destabilization in West Asia as the Palestinians claim since they started to lose their land after the invasion of the French Zionists during the world war 1 right after the fall of the Ottoman Empire. This process of occupation was intended to create the puppet state of Israel.

Israelis don't just want to get all of Palestine, they also want to get the entire area, including Africa, west Atlantic Ocean passing for the Mediterranean Sea and the Persian Gulf including the Arabic Peninsula - Iran and that makes sense given the recent wars in this zone. 
Palestine citizens believe these Jews aren’t Semitic; they are just from Ashkenazic origins. In ancient times they used to live in the eastern part of the Khazar territories (later, the same territories were part of the Russian Empire). Afterward, they moved to West Asia and Africa, Egypt, and Palestine, reaching the rest of the East. In 1934, Stalin created the Hebraists region Oblast with the capital of Birobidzhan, instead of around the 16th century AC the Jews got the UK, just kicking out the Catholics and in recent centuries, they got all of the West and now they have the rest of the world.

Basically they are located in all states along with their Zionist mafia. 

Most famous bankers like Rockefeller originally Roggenfelder, British royal family of Windsor a German originally Wettin, Rothschild, Goldman Sachs, Stanley Morgan, Reuters (news agency) originally the owner of the national Iranian central bank on the Shah Qajar and Pahlavi, Lehman Brothers (the guilty of the economy crisis begin in 2008), Elkan (the owners of the Ferrari, Chrysler, Fiat automobiles, most popular and powerful French family originally Elchanan bankers), Alexandre and Simon Lazarre, Zuckerberg the owner of Facebook, Susan Wojcicki CEO of YouTube from a Russian banker family (Anne E. Wojcicki her sister founder of the pharmaceutical company about to develop Personal Genoma), Sergey Brin the founder of Google from a Russian Jewish bankers (how come Russians own the American companies?) his associate is Larry Page a Jewish Israelian origin, Bob Iger CEO of Disney now owner of several film productions and banks even in crypto value, moreover Boris Johnson the Prime Minister of UK years ago used to work in the English television network as reporter writing for the UK automobile magazine GT so he wasn't an expert in political issue but any case working in the Zionist media, Jared Kushner the son in law of Donald Trump originally Berkowitz, Sasson financially supporter of the Italian parties and other in Europe, also Warburg, Kuhn, Loeb, Shiff, Davison originally Davidsohn, Soros, all of these names. Even Walt Disney in the 1930s created a character inspired by the Jewish banker Rockefeller named Rockerduck.

Al Goldstein, a Jewish pornographer, came from a family of bankers.

The industry of films - Porn website belongs to them.
How is it possible that a religious person, in this case, Jewish, works with this stuff mistreating the human being humiliating the soul and dignity of the people?

In their movie trash, they repeatedly insult Islam and Christianity, falsely showing the Muslims like terrorists and retro style radical oppressing women and Christians like Mafiosi and priests like pedophilias.

But they, themselves, are the real Mafiosi, Terrorists, and Pedophilias because their set of beliefs since thousands of years ignites war in every corner of the world. They oppress their women with Burka. They have killed people. That's strange that none of the media condemned such things, ah yes maybe cause all the media belong to them.

But if a film producer makes a movie against them, gets fined and may even be arrested too.

But they can freely do instead.

If a person rejects the Jewish Holocaust dogma, he or she will face the same fate.

Some years ago, the former President of Iran Mr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said the truth about the big lies of the Shoah on gas chambers and burning furnaces.

Basically it was impossible to kill millions of Jewish people inside the concentration camp of Auschwitz because on a 75 square meter space, it wasn't possible to deploy 1000 Jewish people per day and in regards of the poisoned gas without a sealed chamber, the German soldiers would also have died poisoned with cyanide gas. Indeed, in the United States, the execution by poisoned gas is done inside a sealed chamber and the procedure is pretty long done one prisoner by one.

Sure it is strange that Americans use this kind of execution while blaming Nazis for same behavior everyday...

And about the crematory ovens the story tells us that they used to burn 3 bodies each time, but in the reality to burn a single body inside a wooden coffin takes more than 1 hr. so with no coffin more than a double time, then it wasn't possible to kill millions of Jewish in that way because even the German soldiers would die because of exhaustion and it would have taken some century to accomplish the mission.

The reality is that Jewish people surely died in this prison because of disease, hunger, and mayhem, but so did the Christians, Muslims, Buddhists and Atheists. The real Holocaust was the entire World War II, but strangely nobody mentions things like bombings by Anglo Americans.

So Zionists are kidding us for their business purpose.

Some of their symbols such as Menorah, Magen star, Pyramid, Eye, Sun, Swastika are clearly visible in their music, books, media and films. 5G technology is developed by NASA then by them.

Many Palestinians are wondering why Israel HAS TO find a Jewish land when all the Jews, since before the Egyptian Empire, used to live there and recently under the Ottoman Empire managed to own the banks like Moise Caimondo? It is really strange that they could keep their role of command while a Muslim Emperor used to rule the Empire!

The truth is, in fact, the Jews are the owners of the world through UN. They force each country to accept their wrong policies to destroy the progress of the civilization and to bring about a dirty life style filled with Criminals, Jobless people, economy crisis, misery, loss of family values, prostitution, pedophilia, homosexuality, and many other abnormalities. Lesbians are supported by the criminal association like LGBT, and Amnesty International protects the fake asylum seekers but pushes Negro African to invade west to kill people and rape the Aryan woman making them pregnant to change the race of the people and to turn them into people with low the degree of knowledge creating the best slaves in the New World Order while Jewish white leaders will keep marrying each other to become stronger more than before.

Our real Pope Ratzinger was removed by Zionists while the actual second Francis, a perfect character for the Atlantic agenda of the Gesuita order close to Hebraism, goes in Arabia; a place territory with no Christian churches but he doesn't go in Iran which is full of Christian churches. This is while in 1970s, our Pope Paul VI the last King of Vatican used to go to Iran very often.

Today, because Vatican and Mecca are in the hands of Zionists, like many other Italian media as well as religious magazines, there is general censorship.

Indeed, by the end of 1960s, there was an imposed deal made by the Jewish monarchy forcing the Vatican to submit on an agreement or contract called Concilium Vatican 2 which obligated Christians to accept and recognize the Hebraism as the father of Christianity, to stop and apologies for being Anti-Semitic and to forget the assassination of Jesus by the Jews.

Basically this is what may happen to Islam one day because Hebraism is trying to take all other religions under Jewish domain.

In the future, the cross may disappear from the Church with the excuse that Christianity has accepted to forget the killing Jesus.

In Hebraism, every person is born Jewish and even if they convert to another religion or atheism, they will remain Jewish any case.

In 1998, in our Italian square in Rome, the Jewish leaders refurbished this ideology by placing a Menorah chandler on the ground in front of the door of our Italian parliament.

Right after 1992, things changed. The process of privatization started in our national companies like what happened in Russia which ended the Soviet Union.

In the Vatican, previous Popes were all Italians for centuries. After the assassination of Pope Luciani came Voityla a Jewish Polish Pope as in Poland. There live many Jew and strangely Auschwitz camp is located there.

So hearing the words of Palestinians about that, I was just shocked. I believe Zionists claim all the countries in their hands as a real, lasting empire nowadays.

They were capable of creating and later destroying all the empires including the Egyptian, Assyrian, Roman, Ottoman, Russian, Chinese, and Serbian, all for the globalization imperial project domain named UN.

Although all the monarchies in several countries were removed, strangely up to now, television promotes most of the royal British family like Hollywood stars imposing upon us to be devotees of them.

Paul Elliot Singer is the banker owner of the Italian telecommunications company Telecom which is now becoming European major phone company and he holds the debt of some South American countries like Argentina as well as Peru. He is one of the founders of the LGBT and financial supporter for the American students of universities like Harvard. Efforts to relocate these students in Israel are paid all by him.

The Federal Reserve of United States of America belongs to Jews as the Bank of Gold in UK which is the main controller of the worldwide economy. That's why Brexit happened. 

Strangely in this period of Coronavirus quarantine, an American Jewish from an old family of bankers, Kevin Mayers, became the CEO of Tik Tok, the Chinese competitor of YouTube, so how come an American Ashkenazi Hebrew owns a Chinese billion-dollar company if America is against China?  

Actually there are many other laws in favor of the Jews. One risks going to prison even for having a different idea about their story, so isn’t that a dictatorship? 

People who celebrate Quds' day are screened by media as Anti-Semitic, while in fact are protesting against the tyrant of Zionists that invaded Palestine.

That’s why in 1948 they created the forced state of Israel, not caring about the genocide they did killing and deporting from their concentration camps all the Palestinian citizens who did not acquiesce to their invasion.

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