Armenian publishing house buys rights to Persian novel “His Ego” 

June 22, 2020 - 18:54

TEHRAN – Armenia’s Darak Publishing House in Yerevan has purchased the rights for the Armenian translation of Iranian writer Reza Amirkhani’s novel “His Ego”.

The Dayereye Mina (Blue Circle) Literary Agency in Tehran has sold the rights to the Armenian publisher.

Amir-Khani has interwoven contemporary history and the process of Iran’s urbanization into this novel which chronicles the life of the protagonist, Ali Fattah, who was born into a well-established family in Tehran.

The book has been published by Sureh-Mehr Publications first and later by Ofoq Publications in Tehran.

“His Ego” has been translated into several languages including Arabic, Russian and Turkish.

Amirkhani is also the author of the bestselling novel “Salvation”, which is about the consequences of urban development for a young couple that lives in Tehran.

“A Half of One-Sixth of Pyongyang”, “The Good Smell of Oil” and “Ermia” are among Amirkhani’s noteworthy credits.

Photo: A copy of the Persian novel book “His Ego” by writer Reza Amirkhani.


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