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An Interview with Naghdipari on Attractions of Air Sports of Skydive Instructor & Wingsuit Flyer

July 13, 2020 - 11:44

Master Naghdipari is one of the instructors of the United State Parachute Association (USPA) who entered the world of flying in 2011 and is the first person living in Iran who has been able to receive this degree from this prestigious organization.

To shed more light on his activities, we reached to Mehdi Naghdipari to respond to the numerous questions raised by those who dream of flying at an altitude of several thousand meters away.

Now walk on clouds

Flying in the sky has been one of the common dreams of most human beings since ancient times and human beings have gone through different ways to realize such a dream. Flying at an altitude of several thousand meters and walking on clouds is tempting for any human being, but the number of people, who fly lightly in the sky and achieve their long-cherished dream by flying, is limited. Mehdi Naghdipari, an international bird and Wingsuit flyer, who has 22 prestigious domestic flight certificates and an international free fall coaching certificate, is one of these individuals. He has the experience of flying wingsuit over Russian sky and falling freely with the Iranian flag in the skies of Moscow and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Regarding the reason why man has always thought of flying in different historical periods, he says: "in all civilizations of the world, there are always traces and signs of wings and flying. For example, the carvings drawn on the mountains and important antiquities such as the winged lion and the eagle are somehow related to the sky and flight.

"It shows that all humans have always wanted to be in the place of birds, and that's how the dream of flying came to being. I've had the dream of flying in the sky since I was a teenager, but I didn't know where to start."

skydive and flying in a bat clothing at an altitude of 4,000 meters is one of the most exciting sports called Wingsuit, and you can fly in the sky like a bird in a winged suit that is specific to this type of flight.

Master Naghdipari is one of the instructors of the United State Parachute Association (USPA) who entered the world of flying in 2011 and is the first person living in Iran who has been able to receive this degree from this prestigious organization.

"I became acquainted with flying through paragliding," he said of his acquaintance with one of the most amazing sports in air.”

He, who is one of the outstanding figures in the world in the field of skydive sports, said, “I became acquainted with flying through paragliding, but the sport did not satisfy me. Paragliding is a slow sport but I was fascinated by speed. This interest was in me until I once participated in a special training program in Tehran. But the flights there were different from what I saw on TV, and it still didn't satisfy me. After much research, I realized that free fall and Wingsuit training courses were being held in Russia, and I left for that country immediately. "After several courses, I experienced Wingsuit and had successful flights in various countries such as Qatar and the UAE."

(Naghdipari is currently working as a skydive coaching in Iran, who is known as a skydive AFF and Tandem instructor, and in addition to coaching, I also fly with Wingsuit. He has flown about 180 times in various countries, such as Russia and the United Arab Emirates, and talks about the preliminary stages and equipment of Wingsuit, which is the most exciting type of flight.)

"At the beginning of the training, you are a beginner, but when the number of flights and your skills increase, the type of clothing changes, and the bigger the Wingsuit clothing, the longer you will fly," he said. "These clothes are produced only in Russia, the United States and one of the European countries, and their price is between $ 1,200 and $ 1,800,” he added.

Master Naghdipari has received prestigious domestic and foreign certificates in paragliding, Tandem (two-person) paragliding, skydive and para-motor. He also has received accredited certificates in advanced level. He is the famous Iranian civilian (non-military) instructor, professor of modern jumping training, and a member of the United State Parachute Association. He has talked about several training courses he has held in Iran.

"From the first day I applied for this degree, my goal was to provide standard education to Iranian children. "For this reason, I imported AFF training systems to Iran. This is the same system that is currently used in the United States, and it is the latest training technology and methodology in the world."

Many people dream of flying, and young people are more likely to jump," he said, adding, “people, aged from 15 to 60 years old, are getting in touch with me and my latest student was about 60 years old and in his first jump he couldn't believe he had flown and achieved his dream. Unlike most people who do wingsuit for fun, I have tried to introduce and promote this aerial sport. Before I started training classes, skydive in Iran was mostly taught by the military, but now it is taught privately, and that is why many call me the father of the new free fall in Iran."

Master Naghdipari talks about the prerequisites for attending sydive and Wingsuit training classes, “people who want to learn free fall and Wingsuit must first meet a number of criteria; the minimum age for these people is 18, but we are not the maximum age, and I have a 68-year-old student. Those who want to attend flight training courses should not have mobility problems in the arms and shoulders. After a short interview with me, qualified people can enroll in training classes and make their first flight to Dubai, Qatar or Moscow, because unfortunately I do not have the necessary facilities in the Iranian sky. Most beginners are afraid of flying, and I teach them skill, courage, and self-confidence at the same time. You may not believe that this sport is safer than cycling because the weather and the quality of umbrellas and clothes are completely controlled."

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