ICCIMA to set up business office in China

July 21, 2020 - 15:5

TEHRAN – Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture (ICCIMA) plans to set up a business office in China, in collaboration with major Iranian trade companies, ICCIMA portal reported, quoting a board member.

As reported, Gholam-Hossein Jamili announced during a meeting with representatives of some large state-owned companies, saying that the focus of the office will be on the activities of Iran-China Joint Chamber of Commerce.

In the meeting, which was also attended by the ICCIMA Deputy for International Affairs, and the Chairman of the Iran-China Joint Chamber, Jamili explained the ICCIMA's plans for developing the country's export and marketing activities in the face of the U.S. sanctions.

Jamili noted that the Resilient Economy Headquarters and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as the Trade Promotion Organization (TPO) have tasked the ICCIMA to set up business offices in some export target countries and countries in the region.

The official also mentioned the Iran Chamber's approach to expanding the country's export markets, providing services, exploiting existing capacities, and said: “Mobilizing facilities and creating a strong center for better trade and economic activities in China is what we are looking for.”

“Undoubtedly, the involvement of large companies in this matter will make the pace of establishing Iran Chamber of Commerce offices faster and easier,” he stressed.

Further in the meeting, Majid-Reza Hariri, Chairman of the Iran-China Joint Chamber of Commerce, pointed to the difficult conditions of Iranian companies for activity in various countries, including China, and said that the establishment of this business office, which is the economic embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, is a solution to such problems and concerns.

Regarding the need of different companies for information from the target market and the rules governing it, Hariri said: “One of the major duties of Joint chambers have always been to provide the information needed by companies from the market of the target country; this is one of the services that will be provided by the business office.”


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