Restoration work resumed on Iran’s second-largest mudbrick citadel

July 25, 2020 - 21:0

TEHRAN – A new round of restoration works has been commenced on Belqeys citadel, known as the second-largest mudbrick fortress in Iran after the UNESCO-registered Bam citadel.

“The project for the restoration and protection of Belqeys citadel, located near the historic city of Esfarayen, which had been halted for some time due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, is resumed in accordance with health protocols,” CHTN quoted a local official in charge of cultural heritage as saying on Saturday.

“Currently, an emergency operation to buttress tower and fortification No. 24, which is located on the eastern side of the monument, is atop agenda. Moreover, additional measures will be carried out in this phase to set up preliminary tourism infrastructure to better host visitors and researchers.”

The ruined citadel, which is sometimes referred to as Shahr-e Belqeys (“The city of Belqeys”) is located in northeastern North Khorasan province. It lies at a short distance from the city of Esfarayen. Remnants of the citadel, family lodgings, irrigation channels, a cistern, and a hypostyle hall are amongst objects so far been unearthed in Belqeys during rounds of excavation.


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