Iran, Iraq resume trade via Mandali border

July 27, 2020 - 14:50

TEHRAN- Iran and Iraq resumed trade through Mandali (Soomar) border which had been closed for about five months due to the coronavirus pandemic, Mehr news agency reported on Monday.

Mazen al-Khuzai, the director of Mandali Region, announced the reopening of the mentioned border crossing, the Al-Malumah news site published.

Accordingly, dozens of trucks, passing from the Iranian border, headed towards Mandali border, the official added.

Mandali border crossing is located in the vicinity of the Soomar border marketplace, in the Iranian Kermanshah province.

While this border has been reopened, Iranian Customs Administration spokesman Rouhollah Latifi announced on Sunday that the reopening of Iran’s Chazabeh border with Iraq, which was due to be on July 23, maybe done this [Iranian calendar] week (which ends on Friday), or next week,

Last week on Monday, a local official in Iranian southwestern Khuzestan Province announced that Chazabeh Border would be reopened on Thursday.

Governor of Dasht-e Azadegan County Hamid Sielavi said that transit of commodities would be resumed through Chazabeh Border as of July 23, after a five-month lockdown due to the coronavirus outbreak.

He said that after holding some meetings between the provincial and Iraqi officials and resolving problems and bilateral obligations, including the observance of health protocols, the two sides agreed to reopen the border on Thursday.

In relevant remarks on July 11, Latifi said that border closure, due to the coronavirus epidemic, remained only with two neighboring countries.

“Iran is doing trade exchange with all neighboring states, except for two countries”, Latifi said at the time.

“The remaining borders will reopen with observing protective and health instructions in coordination with two neighboring states”, he added.

“Four land border crossings of Sarakhs, Bajgiran, Lotfabad, and Incheborun with Turkmenistan in Northeastern Iran are still closed, but, Sarakhs and Incheborun cross-border terminals are open as they have railroad connections as well, Latifi noted.


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