Iran’s “Diapason” scoops awards at AVANCA festival

July 31, 2020 - 18:44

TEHRAN – Iranian director Hamed Tehrani’s drama “Diapason” has been the big winner of the 24th International Film Festival AVANCA, the organizers have announced.

The film won the Cinema Prize for Best Feature Film, Best Screenplay Award and the D. Quixote Award from FICC - International Federation of Film Clubs at the festival, which was organized through the drive-in cinema in the Portuguese city from July 22 to 26.

Starring Jaleh Sameti, Rana Salehi, Behnush Bakhtiari and Alireza Ostadi, “Diapason” starts from a place of happiness and hope.

It focuses on a single mother facing the tragic death of her young daughter and problems in its aftermath.

It is Hoda’s 17th birthday. She plans to study dentistry, and has spent the morning taking exams alongside other girls with their own dreams of college, a profession and a life in which they are able to provide for themselves. 

Hoda’s proud mother Rana organizes a modest celebration and promises a big party when she passes her university entrance exams.

In addition, the festival also awarded an honorable mention to Iranian filmmaker Behnam Asadollahi for his movie “The Heavy Shadow of the Crow”. 

Asadollahi is a film graduate from the Kosar Art University in the northwestern Iranian city of Ardebil.

He has been making films since 2009 and been mostly involved in sound editing for over 30 short and feature films as well as TV productions. He has made three shorts and one animation film, and his “Speaker” has won several awards at various film festivals around the world.

The award for best short film went Serbian film “Moon Drops” by Yoram Ever-Hadani, and the best animation award was presented to “Hello My Dears” by Sasha Vasiliev from Russia.

Photo: A scene from “Diapason” by Iranian director Hamed Tehrani.


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