30 guidebooks compiled for environmental defenders

August 12, 2020 - 19:1

TEHRAN – A collection of thirty books for environmental defenders has been compiled, eleven of which published as the guidance and training packages, head of environmental education center at the Department of Environment (DOE), said on Wednesday.

This collection of handbooks has been prepared and compiled with an educational approach to empower the rangers, IRNA quoted Arash Yousefi as saying on Wednesday.

In previous years, when holding special training courses for rangers, there was a lack of specialized training content and sources, he said, adding, good books on the environment have been written by Iranian professors, but very few of them specifically dedicated to promoting the rangers’ skills in different situations.

The level of literacy, work experience, and the climatic diversity of service areas were other challenges that made some of the training sources less efficient so that it was decided to compile special educational resources, he explained.

Referring to the DOE approach on increasing the educational capacity as the main weapon of rangers, he noted that to address this pathology, several meetings were held with university professors, general managers, retired rangers, and commanders, and finally, it was decided to compile 30 educational books for rangers.

Principles of rescue, accidents, firefighting, principles of first aid, burns and injuries, animal bites, bleeding and fractures, anger management, weapons, individuals, cars, and places are book titles that are published and currently in use, he further stated.

“Other books were compiled including, Iran diversity, GPS, wireless, information protection, arrest and detention, health, effective communication with local communities, identification of protected areas, justice officers, environmental recognition, basics of environmental laws and regulations, and three titles of environmental pollutants such as soil contaminant, sound and radiation, air and dust pollution.

Wildlife books are also among the books such as basics of wildlife management techniques, familiarity with aquatic species, endemic mammals, and wildlife diseases are in the final stages of publication,” he explained.

The current booklets, in addition to being taught in training courses, will also be made available to the environmental defenders of each province, he concluded.


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