By Afshin Majlesi

Beat summer heat in these cool destinations near Tehran

August 12, 2020 - 23:29

For many people in Tehran, summer vacation may mean to beat the heat at the beach particularly along the Caspian Sea, inside an air-conditioned museum or at a water park, or taking refuge to a cool nearby countryside. For the latter, here are places around the Iranian capital where scorching heat will be nothing more than an afterthought!

On the northeast side of the metropolis, you can find plenty of cool townships and villages such as Oushan, Damavand, Fasham, Ahar, Meygoun, Cheshmeh A’la, and Garmabdareh to name a few. These destinations, in addition to the fresh air, fruit gardens, and lush gardens, many of those are equipped with proper recreational facilities and abundant local restaurants as well.

On the east, Shahandasht waterfall may be top on your agenda. The 50-meter cascade is situated off the Haraz road, which connects Tehran to the Caspian Sea in the north. Adjacent to the falls stands a Sassanid-era (224 CE to 651) stronghold, named Qaleh Malek-Bahman, which worth paying a visit.

Tangeh Vashi, a popular mountainous resort that is known for having a pleasant, cool stream can be your other choice in the east direction. Tangeh Vashi is where many opt for walking through for minutes to cool off. Situated some 15 kilometers west of Firouzkouh, Tangeh Vashi also bears a 19th-century bas-relief commissioned by Fath Ali Shah Qajar (r. 1797 – 1834) to commemorate hit hunts during summer excursions.

Apart from the east, you can choose to stay in Kan and Sulaqan, which are riverside rural districts westward. Another cool spot may be colorful valleys across the popular Chalous road that embraces hectic rows of restaurants and coffee shops.

The villages of Darband and Darakeh stand out when it comes to the north of Tehran. Those are amongst the most accessible cool destinations for relaxing and enjoying good Iranian cuisine, good weather even to climb easy mountain routes.

Tajrish Square is a gateway to the rocky Darband where people hike upward trails. A few kilometers uphill from the atmospheric square the road ends, becoming a path winding up a narrow rocky valley, with water cascading down the slopes. The trail heads up into the hills past a picturesque succession of teahouses, restaurants, and fruit-conserve stalls.

A visit to Darband can easily be combined with Sa’d Abad Place Complex. You may exit the once royal complex via the top entrance and keep going up the hill and perhaps drink a cup of tea and puff on a qalyan (hobble-bobble) while submerged with a mountain-village feel.

Also, Darakeh is where you can enjoy the lovely nature, listen to the sound of the river, and rest for a while. It is teemed with beautiful scenery, a good trekking path, and countless riverside restaurants and cafes. For people who want to do more, it is possible to hike towards the Tochal cable car and beyond.

The bustling Iranian capital, however, never disappoints its travelers! Exploring this mesmerizing metropolis will transport you on a journey through more than 250 years of Iranian history – from the dazzling Golestan Palace and the adjacent Grand Bazaar to the majestic Borj-e Azadi (“Azadi Tower”) and the former U.S. embassy in the downtown.

Tehran is also home to prestigious museums such as Treasury of National Jewels, Niavaran Palace Complex, National Museum of Iran, Glass & Ceramic Museum, Masoudieh Palace, Sarkis Cathedral, Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, Carpet Museum of Iran, to mention but a few. Serene gardens, contemporary cafes, and traditional teahouses are other options where you can relax and enjoy all that’s good about Tehran.


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