National Commission for UNESCO to organize calligraphy exhibit in honor of healthcare staff

August 17, 2020 - 19:15

TEHRAN – The Iranian National Commission for UNESCO is scheduled to launch a virtual exhibit of Persian calligraphy today in honor of the healthcare staff of the country.

A selection of 17 calligraphy works created by 13 calligraphers under the supervision of master of calligraphy Mohammad Heidari have been put on display in the exhibit titled “Clad in White, Caretakers of Love”.

The artworks have been created by those artists who have attended a calligraphy course held by master Heidari last month at the commission.

The participants inscribed their calligraphy works based on poetry by Persian poet Sadi, and dedicated their collection to the brave and devoted healthcare staff and the people.

Earlier in July, the commission launched “Eternal Heritage”, a virtual exhibit of Persian calligraphy by masters including Nasrollah Afjei, Elaheh Khatami, Fereshteh Hosseini, Ali Shirazi, Yadollah Kaboli and Gholamhossein Khani.

The director of the commission, Hojjatollah Ayyubi, in a live program posted on the Instagram of the commission, said that he had tested positive for COVID-19 in the very early days of the pandemic in the country and after improvement, he decided to do something positive for people to help pass these hard days.

“All the artists have made their best efforts for people to feel good and help them through these hard days. We first initiated a program to honor the doctors and medical staff serving people with COVID-19,” he had said.

“Next, we launched several live online interviews, and gradually Instagram turned into a good venue where people could keep in touch with the artists,” he said.

He called Iran the country of colors and arts, and said, “We next thought we needed to provide a good opportunity in the virtual world, so we began with calligraphy. The young calligraphers are very polite and pay due respect to the veterans. Calligraphy and the calligraphers are our ancient heritage. They search for the best sentences and inscribe them in the most beautiful form, which is of high value.  Calligraphers actually protect the borders of culture and art,” he explained.

Ayyubi next called on everybody to view calligraphy works by the brilliant masters of the Persian calligraphy whom he called significant ambassadors of culture. 

“We will upload a part of the art of Iranian and foreign artists in other virtual exhibits for Iranian and international art lovers, and we believe that art will conquer the coronavirus,” he said.

Photo: A poster for the virtual exhibit of Persian calligraphy “Clad in White, Caretakers of Love”.


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