Jameh Mosque of Saveh undergoes partial restoration

August 21, 2020 - 21:30

TEHRAN – A partial restoration and renovation work has been commenced on the 12th-century Jameh Mosque of Saveh, which is sometimes referred to as “a museum of Islamic architecture”.

The rooftop of the mosque is the key element of the mosque being restored through tasks such as applying a traditional plaster of clay and straw; bandaging, cleansing, and plastering, CHTN reported on Thursday.

Sources say that the mosque has continuously been a busy place of worship, yet has undergone restoration projects since the time it was completed in the 12th century onwards.

The Seljuk-era Jameh Mosque of Saveh is still a big source of charm for the faithful, sightseers, and buffs of history and Islamic architecture. It comprises a courtyard, porch, minaret, dome, and two archaic altars ornamented with Kufic calligraphic works.

The mosque is named after Saveh, the in the central Iranian city. The terms “Jameh Mosque” or “Masjed-e Jameh” or “Friday Mosque” is used in Iran for a grand communal mosque where mandatory Friday prayers are/were performed: the phrase is used in other Muslim countries but only in Iran does it designate this purpose.


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