Selection of Qatran Tabrizi’s divan published in Azerbaijan

August 30, 2020 - 19:15

TEHRAN – A selection of poems from the divan of Iranian poet Abu Mansur Qatran Tabrizi has been published in Azerbaijan.

“Qetran Tebrizi: Secilmis Eserleri” has been translated into Azerbaijani by the celebrated Azerbaijani poet and scholar Mircelal Zeki, the Iran Culture Center in Baku has announced.

The book published by Nafta-Press opens with an introduction by the translator that gives details about Qatran Tabrizi’s biography and poetry and comments by other literati about the poet who lived during the 11th century.

Born in Sahar near Arrah, Tabriz, Qatran Tabrizi was the most famous panegyrist of his time in Iran.

Czech orientalist Jan Rypka had said, “His work has aroused the interest of historians, for in many cases Qatran has perpetuated the names of members of regional dynasties in Azerbaijan and the Caucasus region that would have otherwise fallen into oblivion.”

“His best qasidas were written in his last period, where he expressed gratitude to the prince of Ganja, Shaddadid Fadlun, for the numerous gifts that were still recollected by the famous Jami.”

“Qatran’s poetry follows in the wake of the poets of Khorasan and makes an unforced use of rhetorical embellishment.”

Selections of works by several Persian poets including Molana Jalal ad-Din Rumi and Nezami have been translated into Azerbaijani by Zeki.

Photo: Front cover of “Qetran Tebrizi: Secilmis Eserleri”.


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