Over $140,000 allocated to restore Damghan’s historical structures

September 6, 2020 - 19:0

TEHRAN – A budget of six billion rials (some $142,000) has been allocated to implement restoration projects on some historical sites and structures located in the city of Damghan, north-central Semnan province. 

Some popular tourist destinations and historical sites of the city such as Cheshmeh-Ali and Tepe Hissar are scheduled to be restored, Ali Asghar Majd, the Governor of Damghan announced on Sunday, Mehr reported. 

Archaeological excavations at nearby Tepe Hissar reveal occupation from prehistoric times through the Sasanian period (224-651 CE). Damghan was an important town and capital of the medieval province of Qumis but was destroyed by Afghans in 1723. The town trades in pistachios and almonds.


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