Tehran to host online meeting on tourism capacities of Islamic revolution, Sacred Defense

September 13, 2020 - 20:30

TEHRAN – An online meeting on the tourism capacities of the Islamic revolution and the Iran–Iraq war, known as the Sacred Defense, will be held in Tehran on Thursday on the occasion of the Sacred Defense Week.

As Tehran is home to the Sacred Defense Museum, the Peace Museum, and the Sacred Defense Cinema Town, it could be promoted as a tourist destination for those who are interested in such issues, provincial tourism chief Ali Rafiei said on Sunday.

It could be a unique experience for war tourists as there are fascinating stories about Iranians sacrifices during the war, which are different from other places in the world, the official added. 

The Sacred Defense Museum on a landscaped site of 21 hectares in north-central Tehran is a gigantic war memorial with its collections concentrated heavily on the 1980-1988 Iran–Iraq war.

A total of seven halls lead through the history of the sacred defense in forensic detail. The Hall of Butterflies greets visitors on arrival, the place is dedicated to martyrs and victims of the war filled with personal belongings found on the various battlefields.

Outside, a patchwork of domestically-manufactured armaments such as rockets, tanks, and artillery pieces are on show. The complex has vast garden areas, water features, and children’s play areas as well.

The Sacred Defense Museum is equipped with a state-of-the-art visual system including projections and video walls, while audio recordings relevant to each period contribute to its charm.

The Tehran Peace Museum is a member of the International Network of Museums for Peace. The main objective of the museum is to promote a culture of peace through raising awareness about the devastating consequences of war, with a focus on the health and environmental impacts of chemical weapons.

Located in a building donated by the municipality of Tehran within the historic City Park, the museum opened its doors to the public in 2007.

Measuring 550 hectares in area, the Sacred Defense Cinema Town was established in 1994. It is a unique location for making films and series on the subject of war. Over a thousand movies, series, and short films have been made in it so far.


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