Achaemenid-era gold relics seized from smuggler

September 26, 2020 - 19:0

TEHRAN – Iranian authorities have recently confiscated 278 gold objects dating back to Achaemenid-era (c. 550 - 330 BC) from a smuggler in western Kermanshah province.

The objects include earrings, pendants, rings, brooches, medals, rings, plaques, and belt buckles, said Amir Rahmatollahi, a senior police official in charge of protecting cultural heritage, CHTN reported on Saturday.

He also noted that the culprit was detained and surrendered to the judicial system for further investigation.

Kermanshah embraces a variety of awe-inspiring historical sites including Bisotun and Taq-e Bostan, both on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

The Achaemenid Empire was the largest and most durable empire of its time, stretching from Ethiopia, through Egypt, to Greece, to Anatolia (modern Turkey), Central Asia, and to India.


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