Over 200 programs to be held during Tehran week

September 28, 2020 - 17:49

TEHRAN – On the occasion of Tehran Week, October 3-9, more than 200 cultural programs and virtual seminars will be held in the capital with the theme of “School of Tehran”.

Holding a painting workshop on the theme of a healthy city, opening Parvin Etesami's house at Kharazmi University, setting up waste recycling shops in some areas, clearing forest and environmental spaces, holding nature photography competition, and video mapping in Ferdows Garden are part of the announced programs to be held.

Holding Rey city commemoration ceremony, an exhibition of Rey cultural monuments, a narration of Tehran neighborhoods, an international webinar on Technology, and the launch of Tehran museum are other programs to be held during Tehran week.
Appreciating medical staff and health workers for their round-the-clock efforts during the coronavirus outbreak in the country will be one of the most important programs in this week.

The first time Tehran is mentioned in historical accounts is in an 11th-century chronicle in which it is described as a small village north of Rey.

Rey, in which signs of settlement dates from 6000 BC, is often considered to be Tehran’s predecessor. It became the capital city of the Seljuk Empire in the 11th century but later declined with factional strife between different neighborhoods and the Mongol invasion of 1220.

Tehran has many to offer its visitors including Golestan Palace, Grand Bazaar, Treasury of National Jewels, National Museum of Iran, Glass and Ceramic Museum, Masoudieh Palace, Sarkis Cathedral, Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, Carpet Museum of Iran, to name a few.


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