Book series training children against COVID-19 released by Iranian publisher 

October 4, 2020 - 18:6

TEHRAN – A book series recounting educational stories for children on COVID-19 has been published by a Persian publisher.

The collection, which is composed of four books, has been published by Simaye Sharq Publications.

One of the books is “A Bride and Groom Wearing Face Masks” written by Zahra Musavi. 

Illustrated by Meisam Musavi, the book tells the story of animals that face problems for violating an order to wear a protective face mask during the wedding party of the crow and goose.

Musavi has also collaborated as an illustrator in “Take Care that Your Covij Doesn’t Become 19”, another book of the collection written by Nastaran Fat’hi.

The story is about Biju and Jibu, two rabbits whose friend should be quarantined as it has tested positive for coronavirus.

Another book of the series is “The Crow Did Not Reach Its House” written by Zahra Musavi is about a crow and its friends, which are deeply troubled for their disregard of health protocols during the COVID-19 pandemic. The book has been illustrated by Fatemeh Zamanero.

With illustrations by Sam Salmasi, “Hand Washing” is the last book of the collection. In a funny way, writer Shahram Rafiei teaches children how to wash their hands as the most effective way to push COVID-19 transmission down during the pandemic.

The collection is appropriate for children above the age of three.

Coronavirus has given some writers in Iran food for thought.

Ali-Asghar Seidabadi wrote, “Hannah, Our Hero” that teaches children how to take care of themselves during the coronavirus pandemic. The book was also translated into Croatian, Turkish, English, Italian, French, and German.

Earlier in March, the Institute for Social and Cultural Studies (ISCS) released a book titled “Studies on the Social and Cultural Aspects of Coronavirus in Iran” that contains over ten articles by the scholars of the ISCS.

Seyyed Hesameddin Rayegani has authored “The Blinds' Age” that features a love story in a society battling coronavirus.

Rayegani has blended some facts about medical staff during the COVID-19 era with his imagination to create the novel.

“The story of the book is set in the first two months after the coronavirus hit the country,” Rayegani wrote in an introduction to the book.

He spent days in Masih Daneshvari, Besat, and Baqiyatallah, Tehran’s major hospitals for COVID-19 patients, gathering information to write his novel. 

In a preface to the book, the publisher also wrote that it has published the novel to thank the medical staff as coronavirus frontline workers.

Photo: This photo shows the children’s educational collection Simaye Sharq published on COVID-19.


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