By Rodney Shakespeare

There is nothing democratic about America today

October 9, 2020 - 22:55

The original idea of the Founders was for all Americans to have Life, Liberty and Property (NB 'Property'). But the Founders then changed their minds because ensuring land and wealth for Native Americans and imported African slaves was certainly not what they meant to happen.

So it became Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness -- a vacuous abstract noun (happiness) had replaced a valuable practical reality (property). Martin Luther King was assassinated because he wanted the widespread ownership of property.

Today, real middle-class incomes have been going backward for twenty-five years, the country is awash in debt, and true unemployment before the virus was 23%. And don't forget the myriad ways in which people (particularly black Americans) are prevented from voting.
There is nothing democratic about America today and it is now ruled by a swaggering, vainglorious bully who intends rejecting the results of the forthcoming presidential election and, from then on, ruling as a dictator.

“AIPAC is a hugely powerful anti-democratic force operating against the true interests of the American people.”The vote is only a tiny power, exercised infrequently and, even if your side wins, the system itself does not change. And that is why often a majority of Americans decide that it is pointless to cast a vote. The so-called 'democratic' political vote in America does NOT give true democracy which is economic democracy i.e. something which gives people control over their lives every day. 'Economic democracy' does not mean complete equality -- it means a reasonable standard of living and not endless humiliations and insecurity.

In America, minor political parties cannot compete against huge sums of money and the endless propaganda coming out of the mainstream media.

All the time, billionaires and corporations in various ways (including the endless activities of so-called non-profit think tanks) spend millions of dollars on advertising and articles, etc. They fund professorships and the universities themselves. In particular, American politicians are simply bribed by the fixers and manipulators.

To all that, add the immense influence of the Zionist-controlled media and the existence of rich groupings that are openly established to serve the interests of non-Americans (e.g., AIPAC).

The existence of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee sums up everything -- big money, bribery of politicians, control of the mainstream media, American national interests subordinated to those of a foreign entity. AIPAC is a hugely powerful anti-democratic force operating against the true interests of the American people.

Rodney Shakespeare taught in UK schools and colleges for thirteen years.  For ten years he was a Visiting Professor of Binary Economics at Trisakti University, Jakarta. He is also a co-founder of the Global Justice Movement.

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