By Diego Vida

The number of homeless Americans is rising, while Trump and Biden are fighting for presidency

October 10, 2020 - 13:25

The American propaganda is still working well and widens its fandom base. Yet, you see some hilarious statements in-between the lines of that propaganda, like: come to America for the opportunity of a better life, or to get a well-paid job that appreciates your talent, buy home, car, dress, and other stuff, go to parties, make real money and you are likely to become rich too, and the list of these apparently nice words goes on and on. 

So close in words, but still too far by practice. I remember once I was in a beautiful Italian restaurant. A south American, or as they say, a Latin man asked me whether or not I know an ATM near the place. He was a privileged rich man from Venezuela. He told me that he visits the U.S. many times during the year. He had an apartment he had purchased 10 years ago in Miami in the bay area. Though I already knew about the costs of living in America, I asked him about the costs because I wanted to hear it from my guest and confirm my information.

He had paid 1.200.000$ to buy the apartment. He also pays 1000$ monthly for apartments' expenses and another 7000$ every year for other bills. If we add the 2% yearly taxation to the fees (around 20.000$ per year), he pays 50.000$ every year to keep this piece of real estate under his ownership, or in other words, to keep living within American democracy.

Italians will never pay that much money to buy a house in the U.S. and nor do Iranians, because they can own a beautiful villa in Damavand or Darakeh area with much less than that.

I told this guy: "it’s good that you have money to spend on this apartment, but don't you think the American government is tricking you to pay them this amount of money? It’s like a real armed robbery, only softer! With the same amount of money, you pay yearly to keep your hands on this apartment, you would be able to buy 50 houses in your own country or one house in Monaco (Montecarlo) which is much lovelier than Miami, only with no taxation!"

He answered: "it’s a right thing to pay this much money for having the chance to live under American system, because America is the land of opportunities and democracy."

So I asked him about how much he pays for the insurances? He answered he prefers the charge-free healthcare of Venezuela, because he doesn't live in the U.S. permanently.

Then we talked about the expensive healthcare system of the U.S. and I told him that many American citizens are not able to afford the hospitals' ER since they don't have a job or their job doesn't pay back enough even to handle the usual expenses of the life during a single month!

He didn't agree with me, and said: "you are wrong! The system is perfect! Those who can't afford expensive hospitals are just the people who don’t like working. They don’t seek for a better job. They want to stay home and do nothing."

I asked: "do you agree to go to work every day only for 2$ per hour? Without any contracts?" He answered no. I tried to enlighten this fella about the reality of living under the "American democracy", where the rich, though being stupid enough to toss their money in the trash can, enjoy the life while being taxed even for the air they breathe until they die.

Indeed, there are several Americans who live in the motor home – campers! Most of them rent these campers monthly, but there are also some who can buy one permanently. Any case, they are forced to choose a gypsy lifestyle. In fact, the American democracy promote a gypsy lifestyle. The system poses so much obligations to the people until they lose their homes.

Why these people choose this kind of lifestyle? The answer is simple: because they cannot afford to own a normal house, since they will have to pay taxation and insurance expenses equivalent to the same amount of money an armed thief earns from a bank job!
But how much do you think a treatment costs in American democratic healthcare system? 

Here are the usual fees:

Ambulance: up to 2000$. 

The fee for just entering the hospital ER: 2,481$. 

The fee to give six vials of blood for a single lab tests: 1,272$. 

The fee for two CT scans that takes only five minutes each: 7,009$. 

The fee for an electrocardiogram of the heart: 529$. 

The fee for a handful of pills: 37$. 

Total cost prior to insurance: 11,328 $. 

An organ transplant might cost around half million dollars. 

Does using/having insurance would reduce the expenses?  The answer is no! 

At the very moment patients enter the hospitals' ER, they must write their bank account number in the insurance form. The hospital takes its costs of the treatment from the patients' bank account automatically and the insurance company will pay back the expenses to the patient by the end of the procedure, but only up to 60% to 80% of the whole costs. In other words, the patient must already POSSESS this amount of money before the treatment starts. How many Americans do you think have a job which pays back enough to save this much money? Well, a few really.

It means, though the patients pay their insurance fees regularly, the insurance company will never pay back the treatment expenses entirely. In other words, these companies earn money through their clients' lives. 
The schools and universities are other examples to prove how expensive the life is in America. If you want to send your child to a school or a reputable college, you have to pay hundred thousands of dollars; the money you basically don't have at your disposal. So you will have to loan money from a bank.

Such examples and many other facts about living under American democratic system can explain the skyrocketing rate of crimes such as drugs trafficking and consequently, addiction. You can purchase drugs without leaving your sofa and it will be delivered at your door not long after your order! 

Criminality is higher and there are drug deliveries at home. There are many illiterates amongst Americans due to absence of access to a proper education system or a good school. The global imperialism wants to impose the same American model to every other country in the world to lower their level of knowledge and life quality. This way it will be much easier to dominate them.

All Jewish families controlled media try to hide the dark sides of the American democracy, including poverty. They want to establish the same tyrant dictatorship in every country of the world. So, they gift-wrap the dark reality of American democracy with beautiful but fake papers and present this corrupted system as the best modern ruling system ever.

Most of TV shows, films, and music tracks or albums that try to promote American lifestyle are actually produced by elite Jews who own the media. Take "The Millionaire" for example. It's produced by Endemol, a Jewish TV producer who sells his useless stuff to many countries and lies to portrait an unreal West where everybody is rich. Or the Fox channel and its "Pawn Stars" which claims American Dream is accessible for everyone…

The U.S. is under a hard economic recession. It's like a nightmare. Let's think rationally (not under infections od media) and ask ourselves how is it possible to live in a country where people cannot earn enough money to survive? Is that called democracy? Is this the regime we want to have in our country? What Trump, Biden and other American politicians are doing to stop this?

Last week I heard Biden's' speech about his concerns regarding the American democracy. This Jewish old man looked like Santa Claus during his efforts to spread democracy all over this privileged country. 

He talked about how important it is to let more Africans into the country as they are the only chance to solve the economic and demographic problems of the country in the future and to solve the problem of the racism against blacks once and for all. According to Biden, the white people are racists and bias against the black people. He wants to apply the same model of democracy in every country in worldwide. It means all countries in east and west Asia must stop granting citizenship for Arians and let the black people in their country. Moreover, he wants to approve the Obama care or the health care system created by Obama. This system forces all the American citizens to pay insurance to the usurer banks. It means if a citizen has a house, but not a job or has a part-time job, he/she must pay a higher amount of money for insurance regardless of his/her income. And if they are not able to pay their debts, the democratic government of Biden puts their houses in auction to earn that money. 

Biden has said there are many money - funds waiting to be picked up by the American citizens. This money, of course, is a loan by the Jewish usurer bankers to rule the country and the citizens, because they know Americans will never be able to pay it. So how good is Biden in making law in favor of the usurer banks! He also wants to enforce the jobs act. It's the best plan ever to destroy the job contracts system and to call off the law which makes it hard for employers to dismiss their workers immediately without a proper reason. It increases the part-time job paradigm in society.

Biden wants all citizens' bank accounts to be transparent. This strategy, he argues, will unveil the "evaders". In better words, Biden and Democratic Party of the U.S. believe that "evaders" are the poor workers who are trying hard to survive each month. They have aimed for the poor instead of the rich.

Biden finished his suave speech by reminding to the audience how good the Jews. He tried to imply that Jews are the real victims by making a connection between them as victims and the illegal Africans (I didn't understand this comparison, but yes! I can understand the Hebrews are always mentioned to remind us they are untouchable). 

Biden also promoted Kamala Harris, a Jewish woman who falsely claims to be black, but rather just a bit dark like Obama. She smashed a glass at her wedding. She met her Jewish husband, Douglas Emhoff, on a blind date in San Francisco, arranged by friends. So having grown up in the Bay Area, she fondly remembers those Jewish national fund boxes that was used to collect donations to "plant trees for Israel," she said at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee in 2017. I hope the donation would have really been for trees and not rockets pointed against Palestinians. 

She’s more tended to AIPAC than J Street. Since being elected in 2016, Harris has spoken twice at the annual policy conference of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. Kamala Harris created a hate crimes unit as San Francisco District Attorney and made hate crimes a focus of her work as the state’s attorney general. (Harris reported that in 2012 anti-Jewish hate crimes were the most commonplace religion-based hate crime.) In October 2016, she got key endorsements from the state’s two Jewish senators — Barbara Boxer, who was retiring and whom Harris would replace, and Dianne Feinstein, the state’s senior senator. 

I want you to know how dangerous Biden and his Democrats Party really are, not only for the invasion against the illegally fake immigrants but also I would mention Barack Obama-- a winner of Nobel peace prize who bombed Libya, Syria, Yemen and Ukraine killing many innocents and attacked neutral nations. Maybe he should get a Nobel for the Terrorism calling himself Obama Bin Laden. He also didn't maintain his word about the deal with Iran. These are the real members of the Democrat Party.

I don't cheer for Trump but Mr. Biden, by the time I'm writing this article, I have not heard from you to say you will give back to the Americans their homes sold in auctions by your Jewish bank usurer friends. I have not heard from you to say you will bring back all the American soldiers home from the war zones (you claimed your military brother died in Iraq). I have not heard from you to say you will endorse a charge-free health care system. I have not heard from you to say you will lower the taxes. I have not heard from you to say you will remove all the porn websites which are instigating perversion and crimes that your country produces day by day (some of the companies which produce porn content are owned by Jewish moguls). I have not heard from you to say you will stop the prostitution by the American women and immigrants that your party promotes in the name of democracy like any other normal job, because "paying taxes" is all that matters. I have not heard from you to say you will illegalize the drugs your party legalized during recent years and killed many citizens as well as teenagers.

So a polite word to both candidates, as Persians say:


I'm sure your Iranian translators will tell you the meaning of my democratically arranged words.

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