Over $70,000 allocated to restore historical Jundi Shapur

October 11, 2020 - 20:0

TEHRAN- A budget of three billion rials (some $71,000) has been allocated to implement a restoration and protection project on the ancient Jundi Shapur University in the southwestern city of Dezful.

The project includes repairing the various parts of the historical site, including water structures, historical bridges and the tomb of Yaqub Layth Saffari, the director of the historical site, Yaqub Zaleqi, said on Sunday.

Clearing the surrounding area of the excavation trench, protection, and restoration of the excavated architectural spaces, control and disposal of surface water, and remodeling and repairing the collapsed walls are also in progress, the official added.

Back in August, the official announced that a documentation project is being carried out on the ancient site with the aim of demarcating the historical area to prevent possible damage from agricultural activities as well as providing necessary infrastructures for the future projects in the site.

Jundi Shapur, also spelled as Gundi Shapur, was one of the world’s birthplaces of knowledge and wisdom, which is a source of national pride and enthusiasm for Iranians.

The city was the intellectual center of the Sassanid Empire (224–651) and the home of the Academy of Jundi Shapur University, which offered education and training in medicine, philosophy, theology, and science.

The university was home to a teaching hospital, and also comprised a library and a center of higher learning. It has been identified with extensive ruins south of Shahabad, a village 14 km south-east of Dezful, to the road for Shush, in the present-day province of Khuzestan.

The town fell into decline after the Muslim conquest of Persia (633–654), the city surrendering in 638, however, it continued to remain an important center in the Muslim period. Yaqub Layth Saffari, the founder of the Saffarid dynasty, made Jundi Shapur his residence three years before his sudden death. His tomb became one of the most prominent sites in the city.


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