210 special education schools to open by March 2021

October 18, 2020 - 18:10

TEHRAN – Some 210 schools for students with special education needs will be constructed across the country by the end of the next Iranian calendar year (March 20, 2021).

One of the most important educational missions is to provide equal educational opportunities for all students according to the local and national conditions and geographical location of their place of residence. Therefore, the cooperation of all pillars of education is necessary to provide access to appropriate education and learning opportunities for all students in urban and rural areas.

The Special Needs Education Organization has also conducted an assessment, indexing, and identifying the dimensions of education components in less developed, deprived, border, rural and nomadic areas, in order to remove barriers and educational problems of students with special education needs.

The assessment plan showed that 210 schools are needed nationwide, 99 of which are so far under construction, Seyed Javad Hosseini, the head of the Organization, said, IRNA reported.

The goal is to increase the number to 150 by the end of this year and to complete the construction of 210 schools within the next year, he said.

According to Hosseini, some 253,000 students with special education needs are studying in 1,600 special education schools in the country, and the number of students has increased 17 times since its establishment.

He further stated that there are 8,008 students with special education needs in the villages of the country, adding, exceptional students living in villages of Khorasan Razavi, Tehran, Gilan, Mazandaran, and Hormozgan constitute the largest number of this population.

This organization provides services tailored to the needs of students in each region; Therefore, the linguistic, regional, and indigenous needs of students in these schools are taken into account, he concluded.

Education designed to facilitate the learning of individuals who, for a wide variety of reasons, require additional support and adaptive pedagogical methods in order to participate and meet learning objectives in an educational program. Reasons may include (but are not limited to) disadvantages in physical, behavioral, intellectual, emotional, and social capacities.

Educational program in special needs education may follow a similar curriculum as that offered in the parallel regular education system, however, they take individuals’ particular needs into account by providing specific resources (e.g. specially trained personnel, equipment, or space) and, if appropriate, modified educational content or learning objectives.

These programs can be offered for individual students within already existing educational programs, or be offered as a separate class in the same or separate educational institutions.


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