By Abir Bassam

France playing the new victim of 9/11

October 31, 2020 - 11:48

The course of events has taken a violent and strange path in France. The caricatures of Prophet Muhammad were not published and republished in vain. 

It seems that certain parties, whether for electoral or long-term strategic reasons, are trying to deepen the split between Muslims and France, and eventually with Europe.

Raising hate against Muslims is not new; it is a methodology that Europe has utilized during the Crusades. Even the similarities between the Crusade's main goals and what is currently happening in France and the West can be trapped in today's attacks on Islam and the Prophet. Its main aim was to turn the streets rides towards a new enemy and to win its support.

Mainly, this is what French President Emmanuel Macron is pushing towards. 

According to many observers in Paris, Macron is unlikely to win the coming elections in October 2022. Though the date is still far away, there is significant competition with the rightist wing candidate Marine Le Pen. The economic strategies applied in France under his ruling have turned into a real catastrophe. During his presidency, the social security system and the health care system have dramatically retreated. France, like the rest of the European Communities, has witnessed the Yellow Jackets demonstrations' phase, but the French witnessed organized campaigns against minorities, especially the French of Nigerian, and Northern Arab African origins, chiefly the Muslims. 

The real competition to win the right-wing has already started between Le Pen and Macron. Unfortunately, the slogan Macron is using under the pretense of the freedom of speech is raising controversy among the Muslim leaders and people. It looks like it has more to it than it reveals. It seems that Macron has a plan that includes justification for involving France in the conflict in the Arab region and particularly in Syria and Libya, after his failure in Lebanon. It is clear after the U.S. offer to rebuild the area around the blasted harbor, it had succeeded in forcing its candidate Sa'ad Al-Hariri to head the government and re-launching the talks to the maritime delineation between Lebanon and "Israel." 

The principle is to substitute the agent and bring back the authenticator; hence, the United States is back in the forefront again in Lebanon. So far, the electoral propaganda Macron has been counting on in his role in Lebanon has been in vain. Therefore, Macron must be convinced that France should be back in the game again. This can only be accomplished by military intervention in Syria, where he can claim a share in the pie. Therefore, if he continues his escalation on Islam, after the brutal Thursday attack at a church in Nice, describing terrorism as Islamic, instead of a radical terrorist, it is most likely to witness the French military intervention.

It is the easy ticket for the falling French President to present himself as the French Christians' defender in the rising dilemma against the attacks on the faithful prayers in the holy churches or even the defender of secularism. Accordingly, another desperate president after the incident in Nice, in which one woman was slaughtered, and two others were stabbed. Donald Trump expressed fears that the U.S. might be facing such a kind of attack on its church prayers. 

Unfortunately, the disturbances in France today represent a play in the lost time until the end of the American presidential elections. Actually, Macron needs to pay attention because he is being manipulated and weakened by the Americans who are busy today with the elections.

The tragic incident in Nice came after two main occasions: firstly, it came as the Muslims were celebrating the birthday of Prophet Mohammad. It is presenting the Muslims as bloody people who cannot celebrate joyful occasions in peace and harmony. And secondly, it came two hours after the United Nations declaration that journalists should be aware and stop insulting religious figures and icons. The UN declaration came as a response to Macron’s declarations on Islam after defending the press freedom to publish offending cartoons of Prophet Mohammad and the slaughtering of the French history teacher. 

The timing raises speculation about further campaign intentions by Macron. It is not innocent for sure. It comes at a time the Arab countries are rushing to sign normalization agreements. It comes at a time in which the Palestinians are trying to save their rights in their own country. Macron's declarations draw the attention towards the wrong enemy of the Arab and Islamic nations, which are the Zionists in Palestine. 

The campaign is clearly directed towards his present enemy and competitor in the Eastern Mediterranean, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The two presidents are playing a dangerous game by recruiting people as Muslims and anti-Muslims. Both of them are using the cartoon as a crane in their election campaigns. 

Finally, it is possible that Macron, especially after the Nice tragedy, is trying to establish that he was right, and the enemy is Islam. However, this enemy, in his case, is Turkey. The incident might become the French "9/11". It will provide France's justifications to spread its troops overseas, just like what the Americans have done after 9/11. Nonetheless, Macrons' destination will be Syria, where he can claim to be facing Erdogan and stop the flow of "Islamic" terrorists to France. 

Consequently, this may grant Macron a piece in the Syrian pie by reestablishing TOTAL again as one of the main investors in the Syrian oil and gas fields. This might qualify him to win the coming French elections. In addition, he might be preparing the French ground to accept war announcement on Turkey. We have said before that the West not only is aiming to expel Turkey from NATO, its main aim is to divide Turkey into Islamic and non-Islamic European states to weaken it furthermore. Anyway, let's wait and see!

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