Movies from Iran line up for Taipei Golden Horse festival 

November 7, 2020 - 18:41

TEHRAN – Several works by Iranian directors have been selected to compete in the various sections of the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival, which is currently underway in the Taiwanese city.

“The Warden” by Nima Javidi is contending for a Golden Horse in the Panorama section.

The story of the film is set in 1966, when a prison in southern Iran is being evacuated because of its proximity to the city’s new airport. Major Jahed, the warden, transfers the prisoners to the new prison and then soon receives a report that one prisoner, sentenced to death, is missing! 

Using the concept of a frantic manhunt for an inmate in the very building meant to keep him imprisoned, Javidi nimbly reflects on notions of freedom and the fragile nature of authority.

Masud Bakhshi’s acclaimed drama “Yalda, a Night for Forgiveness” is competing in the Beyond the Verdict section.

On a reality show televised on the night of Yalda, a Persian celebration of the winter solstice, tonight’s guest is Maryam, a young woman condemned to death. Maryam was living with her husband in a temporary marriage and now she stands accused of his murder. In front of the camera and millions of viewers, Maryam is supposed to beg for forgiveness and her life.

“A Hairy Tale” is an entry to the Fantastic World category.

Directed by Homayun Ghanizadeh, the film is about Danesh, who works at a small barbershop, but his true calling is to become an actor. Manfered promises to act as his agent and introduce him to a famous director, if Danesh gathers enough long hair to make a wig. At the same time, murders are being committed in the city. All the female victims’ hair is cut off to the root. Detective Kiani starts to investigate whether the tracks lead to this barbershop and finds out how messy the situation really is.

The Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival will run until November 22.

Photo: A scene from “The Warden” by Nima Javidi.

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