Sassanid fortress equipped with new lighting system

November 8, 2020 - 21:43

TEHRAN - Rayen Castle in the southeastern province of Kerman, dating back to the times of the Sasanian dynasty (226-651) and even deeper, has been equipped with a new lighting system.

Parts of the monument had been lit up earlier, and a new lighting system for other parts, including the eastern and southern edges, its connected bazaar, and main arcade has recently been launched, ILNA quoted provincial tourism chief Mojtaba Shafiei as saying on Saturday.

“Arg-e-Rayen (the “Rayen Castle”) has been undergoing many restorations in various phases over the past years, and recently, its doors (gates) have been reinstalled after being restored and overhauled,” the official noted.

Covering an area of about 20,000 square meters, the mudbrick castle which was inhabited until some 150 years ago, is a top tourist destination in the region. It is still standing tall tolerating several earthquakes and other natural disasters, which have been flattened similar nearby structures.

Marble mines, which are scattered near the city, have a worldwide reputation. Such marbles have been used to decorate the holy shrine of Imam Ali (AS) and to build the monument Taj Mahal, according to

The big and sprawling Kerman province has been a cultural melting pot since antiquity, blending PAAersians with subcontinental tribe dwellers. It is home to myriad historical sites and scenic landscapes such as Bazaar-e Sartasari, Jabalieh Dome, Ganjali Khan Bathhouse, Malek Jameh Mosque, and Shahdad Desert to name a few.


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