Kharg oil terminal infrastructure unharmed by storm

December 1, 2020 - 14:25

TEHRAN – Managing Director of Iranian Oil Terminals Company (IOTC) said on Tuesday that the recent heavy rainfall and storm in the region has not caused any damage to the Kharg Island Oil Terminal infrastructures.

“Despite lightning, torrential rain, flooding, and severe storms in recent days, no damage has been done to the Kharg oil terminal infrastructures,” Abbas Asadrouz said.

With the coordination done in different parts of the company and the efforts of committed and hardworking employees of Iran Oil Terminals Company in different parts of operations, sensing and support, despite the fact that we had more than 200 mm of rain at the same time with heavy thunderstorms, but the storage facilities and export docks have not been damaged and there have not been any disruptions in the company's operational processes, he explained.

Kharg Island is a continental island in the Persian Gulf south of Iran. The island is located 25 km (16 mi) off the coast of Iran and 483 km (300 mi) northwest of the Strait of Hormuz. Administered by the adjacent coastal Boushehr Province, Kharg Island provides a seaport for the export of oil and extends Iranian territorial sea claims into the Persian Gulf oil fields.

Due to its close distance to oilfield regions, its good offshore position, and suitable depth for gigantic oil vessel berthing, Kharg Island oil terminal has been recognized as one of the country’s most suitable places for crude oil export and loading sites.


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