Graffiti art brightens Tehran with images of hope and life

December 4, 2020 - 18:36

TEHRAN – A young artist who introduces himself with the pseudonym “Khamush” (“Silence”) paints the walls of the capital Tehran with graffiti inspiring people to live with peace and hope.

Talking to the Persian service of ISNA on Thursday, the 23-year old artist said that he began painting 13 years ago when he was only a schoolchild. He added that his nickname is derived from his calm personality, which has also influenced his paintings, life and relationships.

“Before I began the art of graffiti, I was very interested in literature and chose the name ‘silence’ inspired by the Persian mystic and poet Jalal ad-Din Rumi. Having a nickname is something common among graffiti artists, who do not want their real names and personalities to be revealed,” he said.

One of the famous works that he created last winter after the spread of coronavirus across the country showed the image of a nurse holding a placard in his hand bearing the phrase, “Don’t Be Afraid.”
“Coronavirus brought a new season for everybody. It was also the same for me,” he said.

“However, some made jokes about the image on social media, writing ‘Let Us Be Afraid’, instead of ‘Don’t Be Afraid’. Of course, they meant if we were afraid perhaps we would have fewer losses. Still, if I were to draw the graffiti again I would write ‘Let Us Be Afraid a Little’.”

“However, I tried to say that the nurses who are on the frontline of the battle with the coronavirus are not cowards,” he explained.

“The artists usually show interest in graffiti art while they are very young. I also began when I was very young, but I have kept doing it because of my broad interests. It is very interesting for me and I think it doesn’t lose its attraction. It is a form of art with no limits,” he added.

He also mentioned that he doesn’t like to refer to the topics directly in his artworks and he usually makes use of a word or a phrase with the works to be more influential. 

“I used to do my works during the night because of its excitement, but I have chosen to work during the day these days, and people who pass by usually show positive reactions and appreciate my works,” he concluded.

Photo: A graffiti art by Iranian artist Khamush. 



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    It is really beautiful!

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