Next year’s budget bill allocates €200m to pressurized irrigation, watershed management

December 5, 2020 - 10:56

TEHRAN- The national budget bill for the next Iranian calendar year 1400, which starts on March 21, 2021, has allocated €200 million to the implementation of pressurized irrigation and watershed management projects.

Of the €200-million estimated budget for this sector, €100 million is for the pressurized irrigation projects and €100 million for the watershed management projects.

Vice President for Parliamentary Affairs Hossein-Ali Amiri submitted the administration’s draft of the national budget bill for the next year to the Majlis on Wednesday, December 2.

The proposed budget amounted to about 24.357 quadrillion rials (about $579.928 billion at the official rate of 42,000 rials), with a 20-percent rise from the current year’s approved budget.

The bill has envisaged public resources and expenditures, the budget of state-owned companies as well as the budget for various government bodies.

Supplying basic goods, treatment, and medical equipment; securing livelihood; supporting production and employment; promoting and supporting non-oil exports and knowledge-based companies are the focal points of the bill.

The bill has estimated the government’s budget at 9.298 quadrillion rials (about $221.38 billion), with an increase of 47 percent from the figure of the current year.

It has envisaged 3.175 quadrillion rials (about $75.595 billion) of incomes, while 6.37 quadrillion rials (about $151.666 billion) of expenses.


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