Exhibit to highlight obsolete fields of handicrafts

December 11, 2020 - 18:10

EHRAN- A crafts competition and exhibition will put the spotlight on the lesser-practiced Iranian handicrafts, which are on the brink of extinction.

The event titled “Design and Construction in Handicrafts” will be inaugurated at the National Museum of Iran on December 22, showcasing skills, which are in dire need of being preserved, deputy tourism minister announced on Thursday.

The event also aims at identifying active and talented crafters in such fields, emerging creative ideas while preserving the originality, and updating the products for the potential buyers, Pouya Mahmoudian said. 

Fortunately, 99 handicrafts fields, which had been fallen into oblivion, have been identified and revived across the country so far by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism, and Handicrafts, the official added. 

The exhibition will continue until December 28, she concluded. 

Back in May, the official noted that due to the outbreak of coronavirus, suitcase exports of handicrafts were completely stopped since the month of Esfand (the last month of the year), and official exports of handicrafts experienced a steep decline.

“Some 295 fields of handicrafts are currently practiced across Iran with more than two million people engaging, majority of whom are women… Handicrafts also play an important role in the economy in our rural villages,” she said.

The country exported $523 million worth of handicrafts during the past calendar year 1398 (ended March 19).

Ceramics, pottery vessels, handwoven cloths as well as personal ornamentations with precious and semi-precious gemstones are traditionally exported to Iraq, Afghanistan, Germany, the U.S., the UK, and other countries.


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