Iranian movies honored at Barcelona Asian festival  

December 11, 2020 - 18:25

TEHRAN – Three Iranian films “African Violet”, “Diapason” and “Old Men Never Die” have been honored at the Asian Film Festival Barcelona in Spain.

“African Violet” written by Hamidreza Bababeigi won the award for best screenplay in the official competition, while “Diapason” directed and written by Hamed Tehrani won the same award in Discoveries Section.

Directed by Mona Zandi-Haqiqi “African Violet” is about the middle-aged Shokuh who finds out that her elderly ex-husband Fereidun has been placed in a nursing home by their children. With her second husband Reza, she decides to remove Fereidun and take care of him in their own home.

“Diapason” focuses on a single mother facing the tragic death of her young daughter and problems in its aftermath. It is Hoda’s 17th birthday. She plans to study dentistry, and has spent the morning taking exams alongside other girls with their own dreams of college, a profession and a life in which they are able to provide for themselves. Hoda’s proud mother Rana organizes a modest celebration and promises a big party when she passes her university entrance exams.

“Old Men Never Die” directed by Reza Jamali won a special mention. It is about 100-year-old Aslan, the head of a death squad in his youth, who lives with his other single old fellows in a remote village. Since he came to the village 45 years ago, nobody has ever died there! Now, most of the population consists of old and disabled men. All being done with life, they believe the only way to bring death back to the village is to commit suicide!

In the official competition, the Asian Film Festival Barcelona, which took place from October 28 to November 8, selected “Balloon” by Chinese director Pema Tseden as best film, while Jeon Gye-soo from South Korea won the award for best director for “Vertigo”.

Photo: “African Violet” by Mona Zandi-Haqiqi won the best screenplay at the Asian Film Festival Barcelona.


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