Brian Housman’s “Tech Savvy Parenting” comes to Iranian bookstores 

December 12, 2020 - 18:53

TEHRAN – Brian Housman’s book “Tech Savvy Parenting” has recently been published in Persian in Tehran.

Mehdi Musavi is the translator of the book published by Arjmand Publications. 

“Tech Savvy Parenting” will teach one to navigate and use the technology that is part of every child’s life. Each chapter visually walks readers through a different issue of technology that kids and teens are wading into. Brian’s easy-to-follow instructions and how-to tips will help readers address safety and awareness in online browsing.

Other safety tips are “talk with child about texting”, “set time limits and restrictions with video games”, “understand the role of social networking in the lives of teens/tweens”, “learn to protect child’s online reputation” and many more issues.

This color book also includes photographs, infographics and e-sources that help bring technical information to life. Every parent struggles to find a balance with cell phones, social networks and video games in the lives of their kids. Most parents feel overwhelmed and ill-equipped to set boundaries for their kids because they don t know what to do with the technology themselves. 

“Tech Savvy Parenting” gives parents the practical tools and resources needed to help the whole family use technology wisely and responsibly.

Housman has been working with parents and teenagers for more than twenty years. He has served in a variety of positions such as youth pastor, school administrator, teaching pastor and camp director.
He is a prolific writer for parenting magazines, most notably “Parenting Teens” and “Parent Life”. He is the author of “Engaging Your Teen’s World” and “Raising Responsible Teens in a Digital World”. He is the executive director of the 360 Family Conference. Brian and his wife, Mona, have two teenagers of their own. Besides loving and shaping their own children, together they enjoy coaching other parents.

He has had the privilege of speaking at more than 300 conferences and countless schools, churches, camps and military bases. He has lead student and parent programs from coast to coast as well as several international locations. 

Brian has been featured as a “parenting expert” (whatever that is) on more than forty radio shows and TV programs including FOX, ABC and NBC affiliates.

Photo: Front cover of the Persian translation of Brian Housman’s “Tech Savvy Parenting”.


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