Water, electricity sector’s science, technology park established

December 26, 2020 - 14:31

TEHRAN- Iranian Electrical Power Equipment Manufacturing and Provision Company (known as SATKAB) established a science and technology park with the aim of facilitating and accelerating the activities of knowledge-based and research-oriented companies and with the perspective of supporting domestic manufacturing and export development in the water and electricity sector.

Development of technology and support of technology-based businesses in the water and electricity industry and providing a suitable platform to meet the needs of private knowledge-based and research-oriented companies is one of the priorities set by SATKAB.

Tax exemptions and the provision of free water and electricity to knowledge-based companies operating in the science and technology park are also among the measures taken to support research-based activities in the water and electricity industry.

The mentioned facilities are on the agenda of this specialized parent company (SATKAB) in order to support domestic products in the water and electricity industry and to guarantee the market for them.

It was reported last week that SATKAB is going to hold a permanent exhibition for water and electricity sectors’ products and services virtually.

According to SATKAB’s Director-General for Commercial Affairs Abbas Jafari, introducing water and electricity products, especially in the knowledge-based fields, through permanent and temporary exhibitions has been one of the priorities of SATKAB.

“However, there have been some changes in the company’s programs due to the spread of the coronavirus, and we are going to hold the exhibitions virtually,” Jafari said.

Such virtual exhibitions will be held with the aim of introducing products manufactured in the water and electricity industry and for establishing interactions between investors, producers, and exporters, he noted, adding: “It will also be a good opportunity to indigenize the knowledge for producing items that are currently imported into the country by relying on the potentials of domestic companies and research institutions.”

These exhibitions will be an opportunity to develop the country’s water and electricity industry in order to boost exports and support domestic production, he stated.


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