Winter resorts come on stream in Qazvin

December 31, 2020 - 0:49

TEHRAN- Two winter sports projects were inaugurated in Qazvin province on Tuesday by the Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts Minister Ali-Asghar Mounesan. 

Mounesan, who was visiting the north-central province, inaugurated a previously-constructed chairlift, which was shut due to some technical issues five years ago, and the Kaman and Zereshk ski lift with three tourist resorts. 

Addressing the inauguration ceremony, Mounesan said that the implementation of such projects as well as accommodation centers are very valuable and noteworthy in this region. 

The mentioned projects could cause social vitality in the province and even in the country and domestic tourists mostly from the neighboring provinces could be attracted to the region, he added. 

He also emphasized that developing tourism-related projects need to be carried out without harming the pristine nature of the region. 

Back in November, provincial tourism chief Alireza Khazaeli announced that the previously-constructed chairlift is being restored and will be opening its doors to the public when all defects are fully fixed and a standard approval is gained. 

Such projects are expected to develop tourism in the region and attract more tourists and holidaymakers during the cold days of the year, the official added.

In September, the official announced that some 6.3 trillion rials ($150 million at the official rate of 42,000 rials) had been invested in the tourism sector of the province over the past seven years, which shows a 287 percent increase. 

With these investments, several tourism-related projects such as hotels, eco-lodge units, traditional restaurants, tourist complexes, and travel agencies are being implemented in the province, Khazaeli added. 

The capital city of Qazvin was once the seat of power of the mighty Persian Empire, under Safavids, from 1548 to 98. It is a major tourist destination with a wonderfully restored caravanserai-turned-arts precinct, some quirky museums, and a handful of decent eating options. For most travelers, Qazvin is also primarily the staging point for excursions to the famous Castles of the Assassins and trekking in the sensational Alamut Valley.


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