2nd Divine Commander Theater Festival kicks off in Kerman 

January 1, 2021 - 18:17

TEHRAN – The 2nd Divine Commander Theater Festival was inaugurated on Wednesday in the southern Iranian city of Kerman, Commander Qassem Soleimani’s hometown.

The festival was established after the assassination of Commander Soleimani to commemorate the IRGC Quds Force chief.

A number of officials including Kerman Governor-General Ali Zeinivand and Kerman Department of Culture and Islamic Guidance director Mohamamdreza Alizadeh attended the opening ceremony organized at the Kerman martyrs’ cemetery.

Speaking at the ceremony, Zeinivand said, “Art is the most powerful and most accessible language in transferring the pure concepts of the culture of self-sacrifice and martyrdom, especially the thoughts of the Commander who has turned into the symbol of resistance.” 

“Dramatic arts can play major roles in carrying the message of the school of Martyr Soleimani in the national and international arenas. One of the best ways in promoting the school of Martyr Soleimani is to narrate the concepts of the school through the language of art,” he said. 

During the festival, troupes will travel to the villages nearby to give performances.

“Soldier” by Pejman Shahverdi, “All My Boys” by Alimohammad Raadmanesh, “General Khorshid” by Saeid Kheirollahi and “General” by Saeid Badini are among the plays to be performed during the festival. 

Ten plays will be performed in the official competition section of the festival. A highlight of the lineup is “Carnelian”, which is on the life of the Commander, and co-directed by Shahram and Shaahin Soltani. 

“1:20 am” by Pejman Shahverdi will also go on stage at the festival.

The play depicts Commander Soleimani on one of his visits to a family of one of his soldiers who was martyred in an operation. He asks the family for a photo depicting some people, all of whom have been martyred in the war. The family fails to find a photo, but the commander continues his search.        

“Wave” by Sajjad Mansuri has also been selected to be performed at the festival.

The story of the play is about Gholam, a man who begins searching for a photo that he had taken earlier with an IRGC commander to use in his election campaign for the city council.

Director Morteza Asadimaram will stage “Standing like a Cypress to Watch the Sun” written by Hashem Purmohammadi.

“When the Muscles Turn to Stone” by writer and director Kianush Ahmadi, “Soldier” by Mohammad-Hossein Nazari, “Cold Breathe” by Mohammad Qasemi and “January 3” have also been selected.

The lineup also includes “Quarrel” by Mohammad Davarpanah, “The Sociology of Death” by Asghar Garusi, “Wave” by Sajjad Mansuri, “An Appointment in Damascus” by Nasser Hajibaqeri, “Dragunov” by Doosti Irani and “Tiny Little Birds” by Mohammad-Hamed Esmaeilpur.

The festival will be running until January 4, 2021.

The Association of the Revolution and Sacred Defense Theater and the Revayat Foundation are the main organizers of the event.

Photo: A theater troupe gives a performance at the 2nd Divine Commander Theater Festival in the southern Iranian city of Kerman on December 30, 2020. (Mehr/Mehdi Karbakhsh Ravari) 


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