Exports of eggs reach 65,000 tons in 9 months

January 2, 2021 - 15:28

TEHRAN - Iran exported 65,000 tons of eggs to the target countries during the first nine months of the current Iranian calendar year (March 20-December 20, 2020), Hedayat Asghari, the chairman of Producers of Egg-Laying Hens Union, announced.

He stated that the best condition for managing the egg market is to determine and regulate the domestic and export markets, adding, “Egg exports should be managed intelligently so that we do not export nationally but provincially.”

As previously announced, the country’s aviculture farms are expected to export up to 80,000 tons of eggs in the current year (ends on March 20, 2021).

Iranian eggs are currently exported to Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, and Qatar.

Based on the statistics, the country is capable of exporting 90,000-95,000 tons of eggs per annum.

Last year, nearly 1.1 million tons of eggs were produced in the country, of which more than 41,000 tons were exported to target countries.

A total of 900,000 tons of eggs were produced in the preceding year of 1397 (ended on March 20, 2019), 90 percent of which were by industrial units and the rest by local farmers.

According to the Deputy Agriculture Minister Morteza Rezaei, Iran is the 10th biggest egg producer in the world and fifth in Asia.

Each Iranian person consumes an average of 200 eggs annually.


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