Pilot project to buttress tourism in UNESCO-tagged Yazd

January 4, 2021 - 18:7

TEHRAN –A pilot project is planned to promote tourism in the UNESCO-listed Yazd, which is a major travel destination in central Iran. 

The project, which is scheduled to launch in the next Iranian calendar year 1400 (starting March 20), also aims at introducing Yazd as a safe tourist destination as well as a center for archeological studies of the country, Research Institute for Cultural Heritage and Tourism Director Behrouz Omrani said on Monday. 

Commencing researches and studies in the fields of archeology, ethnography, linguistics, anthropology, conservation and restoration, tourism and eco-tourism are also among the goals of the project, the official added. 

With its winding lanes, forest of badgirs (wind catchers), mud-brick houses, atmospheric alleyways, and centuries of history, Yazd is a delightful place to stay, referring to as a ‘don't miss’ destination by almost all travel associates in the region. The oasis city is wedged between the northern Dasht-e Kavir and the southern Dasht-e Lut on a flat plain ringed by mountains.

Yazd Jameh Mosque, Dowlatabad Garden, the Yazd Atash Behram, also known as Atashkadeh-e Yazd, Towers of Silence, and adjacent desert landscape are among its tourist sites.  


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