Severe wind storm disrupts coastal tourism, shuts recreational piers on Qeshm Island

January 8, 2021 - 20:9

TEHRAN – A series of severe wind storms have disrupted coastal tourism, and shut recreational piers on Iran’s Qeshm Island in the Persian Gulf.

“Severe northeast winds, sea waves, and the possibility of an instantaneous increase in the wind speeds caused the closure of tourist docks on Qeshm Island,” IRNA quoted Ali Ashtari, the director of Qeshm ports and maritime administration, as saying on Friday.

“The safety of the passengers is of paramount importance, and therefore tourists should refrain from gathering at these piers…..”

“In this regard, the activity of tourist boats have been temporarily suspended in tourist docks, and for recreational trips to Hengam Island and Dolphin’s Bay,” he said.

However, sea travels to, and from Pohl, and Laft ports are still smoothly underway, the official said, adding Qeshm has 19 piers, which are utilized for passenger, trade, and recreation purposes.

Qeshm Island is a heaven for eco-tourists as it embraces wide-ranging attractions such as the Hara marine forests and about 60 villages dotted mostly across its rocky coastlines.

The island also features geologically eye-catching canyons, hills, caves, and valleys, most of which are protected as part of the UNESCO-tagged Qeshm Island Geopark, itself a haven for nature-lovers.

Many travelers to Qeshm believe that the Stars Valley or Valley of Stars is a “MUST SEE”. It is home to bizarre-shaped gorges, tall pillars, canyon-like paths, hollowed-out spaces as well as smooth and round stones, which have been formed by the wind and rain eroding the soil, rocks, and stones. Locals believe that a star once fell on this area thereby creating the rocky shapes that make it seem as if from another planet.


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