Biography of Allameh Qazi novelized in “Galaxy of Inexistence” 

January 31, 2021 - 19:17

TEHRAN – The biography of Ayatollah Mirza Sayyid Ali Tabatabai, also known as Allameh Qazi, has been novelized by Mohammad-Hadi Esfahani in a book titled “Galaxy of Inexistence”.

The book has recently been published by Feyze Foruzan Publications in Tehran. 

The story begins in the Iraqi city of Najaf where the grand Ayatollah is buried. The book chronicles the life of Qazi from his arrival in Najaf and his meetings with the grand clerics who were his teachers.

Qazi was born on April 29, 1866 in the northwestern Iranian city of Tabriz. Having finished his primary studies, he was tutored by his father, the late Hajji Seyyed Hossein Qazi. He then attended the lectures of Mirza Musa Tabrizi, author of the book titled “Hashiyat al-Rasail”.

He also attended the classes of Mirza Mohammad Ali Qarajedaghi and completed classes in Arab and Persian literature of the famous poet Mirza Mohammad Taqi Tabrizi. He quoted many poetic verses by him in both the Arabic and Persian languages.

In 1891 when he was only 26 years old, he left his hometown to go to Najaf to improve his religious knowledge.

In Najaf, he was taught by Ayatollah Fazel Sharabiani, Sheikh Mohammad-Hassan Mamaqani, Sheikh Shariat, Akhund Khorasani and Hajji Mirza Hassan Khalili.

Qazi was one of the most respected of the students of Hajji Mirza Khalili. He also learned refinement of morals in his presence. 

Qazi was a gnostic, faqih, and a man of great stature. He also had divine inspirations and charisma.

In addition to his spiritual and mystic role, he trained many students. His students were Seyyed Mohammad Hassan Elahi, who was his brother, and Mirza Ebrahim Sharifi. 

Hajji Sheikh Abbas Quchani and Grand Ayatollah Mohammad-Taqi Bahjat were his other students.

Photo: Front cover of the book “Galaxy of Inexistence” written by Mohammad-Hadi Esfahani.


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