Development projects inaugurated across Iran to mark Ten-Day Fajr celebrations

February 8, 2021 - 16:0

TEHRAN – Following the series of inaugurations on the occasion of the Ten-Day Fajr celebrations which mark the victory of the Islamic Revolution, several new development projects were inaugurated in various provinces across Iran on Monday.

Some development projects at Kerman’s Hashemi Rafsanjani Airport with a total investment of 3.328 trillion rials (about $79.2 million) were among of the mentioned projects that were inaugurated in a ceremony attended by the Transport and Urban Development Minister Mohammad Eslami and the governor of Kerman province.

Construction of a second runway with a length of 3,840 meters, construction of a runway lighting post, installation of a visual aid lighting system for flight agents, and development of the airport terminal from 2,800 square meters to 7,824 square meters were some of the inaugurated projects in the mentioned airport.

Also in Hamedan province, eight cooperative, improvement, and production projects worth nearly 30 billion rials (about $715,000) were put into operation in the three cities of Tuyserkan, Famenin and Razan.

The inaugurated projects include a furniture manufacturing cooperative unit, a social emergency center, improvement of rural roads, and a clothing production unit.

The first slaughterhouse of the Qeshm Island in southern Iran was another project which went operational on Monday with a total investment of 38 billion rials (about $904,760).

Reducing the cost of transporting meat and reducing its supply price are among the benefits of this complex which has created direct employment for 15 people.

In addition to the mentioned project, two rural development projects were also inaugurated in the southern island and the ground was broken for five more projects.

These projects include some rural access roads, the construction of a fire station, the construction of five health centers, and a watershed management structure with a total investment of 116.5 billion rials (about $2.7 million).

Some 378 projects with a total investment of 13.653 trillion rials (over $325 million) were also put into operation in Isfahan province on the ninth day of the Ten-Day Fajr celebrations.

As reported, the mentioned projects include 275 projects in urban areas with an investment of more than 12.878 trillion rials (about $306.627 million) and 102 rural projects with a credit of more than 774.716 billion rials (about $18.45 million).

Also in Bandar Abas city, Hormozgan Province, 29 development projects worth 10 trillion rials (about $238 million) were inaugurated on Monday.

These projects include some sports fields, fruit and vegetable markets, some intersections, and sports halls.


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