Prehistorical, Islamic-era relics donated to cultural heritage department

March 7, 2021 - 21:53

TEHRAN – A total of 16 historical relics, which date back to the prehistorical and early Islamic times, have recently been donated to the cultural heritage and tourism directorate of Kerman province, southeast Iran.

These objects, which include earthenware jars, cylindrical vessels, burners, clay statues, bronze bracelet, earthenware bead, etc., date back to the Islamic period and the third millennium BC, CHTN quoted a provincial police official as saying on Sunday.

The police official, however, did not mention the name(s) of the donator(S), adding: “Fortunately, the police forces, in cooperation with non-governmental organizations, honorary members, as well as security and law enforcement agencies, protect the historical sites and monuments for 24 hours a day.”

The big and sprawling Kerman province has been a cultural melting pot since antiquity, blending Persians with subcontinental tribe dwellers. It is home to myriad historical sites and scenic landscapes such as Bazaar-e Sartasari, Jabalieh Dome, Ganjali Khan Bathhouse, Malek Jameh Mosque, and Shahdad Desert to name a few.


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