Sacred Defense Museum hosts webinar on war poetry for peace

March 15, 2021 - 18:51

TEHRAN – A number of poets gathered at the Sacred Defense Museum on Saturday to attend a webinar on war poetry for peace.

Speaking at the ceremony, director of the webinar Abdoljabbar Kakai called the event a light to demonstrate a sense of patriotism in people around the world that is manifested in poetry.

“This means we can find wars in history that happened to establish peace and were inevitable. In our history we see that Cyrus the Great overthrew the dictatorship by invading Babylon and liberated the Jews of that land. Or, for example, the conquests of the Greeks to defend their cities, or even our eight-year war of Sacred Defense,” he added.

“Sometimes man was forced to give in to some wars, however, these wars are typically destructive, miserable and bad if viewed without considering ideologies, religions, religious schools of thought and schools of thought,” he added.

“Killing and being killed is not a good thing at all, but from the point of view of religions and schools of thought, and from the point of view of nations, sometimes these wars are considered sacred and an honorable defense,” he remarked.

“In ideological wars, killing and being killed are interpreted as martyrdom, and even the desire for martyrdom is created. In any case, although human beings are truly pacifists, there are these issues in human culture, but sometimes war is inevitable, as there are both forces of anger and kindness in human nature,” he explained.

“This webinar looks at war and peace together, meaning that a different approach to war is not necessarily praiseworthy nor necessarily idealistic; it looks at war and peace together,” Kakai said. 

He added that poets from Germany, Argentina, Iran, Egypt and India participated in the webinar and presented works written for their nation and in defense of their national identity.

Kakai considered the webinar important in its difference from other events in the field of war and defense, and added: “This webinar is different because so far our revolutionary and war-affiliated institutions often hold Sacred Defense programs, focusing on the 8-year war.”

“We tried to show that patriotism is natural and exists everywhere in the world and we are not alone; it makes young Iranians feel that we have had such an event in history.  The war with the Russians, the war with the Ottomans, the war with the invaders of Iraq have all been part of our history,” he concluded.

Photo: Director of the webinar of war poetry for peace Abdoljabbar Kakai poses for a photo. 


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