Saadi Foundation announces final deadline of registration for AMFA International Exam

April 7, 2021 - 12:2

TEHRAN - According to the official website of the foundation, the Persian Language Proficiency Test (PLPT) known as AMFA in Farsi, is due to be held on 10th of April 2021.

AMFA is the Persian abbreviation for Persian Language Proficiency Test and it is designated to measure the proficiency of Persian language learners. Similar to other international language proficiency tests such as IELTS & TOEFEL, it offers successful candidates an internationally recognized certificate known as the “International Persian Proficiency Certificate”. Recently the foundation extended the deadline for registration to 7th of April 2021. 

This will be the second international Persian Language Proficiency exam and it will be held simultaneously in Iran, Russia, and Iraq.

AMFA is the only valid and international certificate to assess and verify the Proficiency of Persian Language learners. In line with International academic standards, the test assesses the learners’ level of ability in Persian Language within the framework of four main skills; listening, reading, speaking and writing. 

Saadi Foundation, which is directed by the Iranian Vice President as chairman, has institutionalized an official curriculum for the teaching of the Persian Language which is regulated by Iran’s Supreme Council for Cultural Revolution and aims to establish the International AMFA certificate as a core requirement for the teaching of the Persian Language abroad. 

Some of the advantages of obtaining the AMFA certificate are listed on the Saadi Foundation website as the opportunity of employment in companies in partnership with the Islamic Republic, as well as serving as a valid certificate for foreigners living in Iran.


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