12 Iranian MPs visit four nuclear sites to monitor nuclear law implementation

April 9, 2021 - 18:53

TEHRAN - A spokesman for the parliament's National Security and Foreign Policy Committee has explained about the details of a visit by a number of MPs to the country's four nuclear sites.

Abolfazl Amouei said, "In order to monitor the implementation of the law on lifting sanctions, 12 members of the Majlis, mainly from the National Security and Energy Committees, visited four nuclear sites in Isfahan, Natanz, Khondab and Fordow.”

The visits to the nuclear sites took place in line with inspecting the implementation of a parliamentary ratification late last year. The ratification, called Strategic Action Plan for Lifting Sanctions and Protect the rights of the Iranian Nation, obliges the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) to take number of steps, including installing and increasing more advanced centrifuges, increasing the purity of nuclear fuel to 20 percent, etc. 

Amouei said the representatives visited the production units of rods and fuel plates at the Isfahan site. "Also, at the Isfahan site, the procedure of completing the metal uranium factory was observed." 

He said, “Article 4 of the law on Strategic Action for Lifting Sanctions gives five months to complete this factory.”

Amouei, a representative from Tehran, added, “During a visit to the Shahid Ahmadi Roshan complex in Natanz, it was observed that in implementation of Article 3 of the Law on Strategic Action for Lifting Sanctions, 1000 IR2m centrifuges have recently been installed. Also, a chain of 164 sixth generation centrifuges has been installed in the Natanz site within the legal three-month period.”

The spokesman went on to say, “The hard-working experts of our Atomic Energy Organization in the Natanz site, in order to increase the enriched uranium reserves required by the country, have used 2 chains of IR4 centrifuges in the Natanz site to produce uranium.” 

“During our visit to the Fordow site, we observed that the process of producing 20 percent enriched uranium, according to Article 1 of the law, is carefully followed in 6 chains of the first generation of IR1 centrifuges,” he explained. 

Announcing that the representatives sitting on the National Security and Energy Committees also visited the process of optimizing the Arak reactor, Amoui said, “Completing the optimization of this reactor, which was requested by the representatives in Article 5 of the law, is a strategic action and is progressing well.”

He continued, "In the field monitoring of these four nuclear sites, it was clear that our country's nuclear industry is growing and dynamic, and young Iranian scientists are advancing Iran's science and technology with their great efforts. The Atomic Energy Organization is also taking vital steps in implementing the law on the Strategic Action for Lifting Sanctions.”

The spokesman added, “The members of the National Security and Energy Committees will hold meetings with the managers of the Atomic Energy Organization in Tehran to continuously monitor the implementation of the law and follow up on other legal duties and will present a detailed report of the actions to the Majlis.”

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