Iranian architect Nima Keivani on LOOP Design Awards panel

April 12, 2021 - 12:37

TEHRAN – Iranian architect Nima Keivani has been selected for the jury of the second edition of the LOOP Design Awards.

The LOOP Design Awards is being organized every year by the LOOP company in Portugal.

The LOOP Design Awards is working hard to become one of the most prestigious and recognized awards in the fields of architecture, interior design, landscape design, product design and architecture photography industries.

Over 30 architects, designers, photographers and experts, including Jesus Granada from Spain, Adam Mork from Denmark, Ieva Saudargaite Douaihi from Lebanon, Stefan Antoni from South Africa, Manuel Aires Mateus from Portugal, Christiane Bausback from Germany, and Kenji Muro from Japan, will judge designs will be submitted to the organizers.

Keivani and his brother Sina co-founded the architectural studio of Keivani Architects in 2009, which has won awards at several international architecture contest.

Their joint design “House of the Sun” in the Interior Space and Exhibition Design category of the A’ Design Award and Competition in Italy won a silver award for in 2017.

In addition, their Orsi Khaneh, located on Olyai Street off Nasr Street in Tehran, was announced as the Residential Project of the Year at the 10th Middle East Architect Awards 2017 in Dubai.

The LOOP Design Awards will announce all winners online on its website in September 2021.

Photo: Iranian architect Nima Keivani in an undated photo.


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