Iran’s “Holy Bread” to compete in Trento film festival

April 12, 2021 - 18:12

TEHRAN –“Holy Bread”, a documentary by late Iranian director Rahim Zabihi, will go on screen at the main section of the 69th edition of the Trento Film Festival, which will open in the Italian city on April 30. 

Produced by Iranian cinematographer Turaj Aslani, the film documents the highly dangerous work of Kurdish Kulbars - workers who try to support their families by transporting goods across the Iranian border. 

On foot, they carry their loads along mountain paths that are rocky, steep, and either slippery due to snow or blisteringly hot. Along the way, many of them suffer injuries, die in blizzards, or are shot by border police. 

The powerful scenes of the men’s journeys are matched by their harrowing stories. No one chooses to become a Kulbar, it’s simply an unavoidable consequence of not having any other form of work. 

The film crew followed these workers for nine years to document the impact of living like a human pack mule. “Holy Bread” gives exposure to a group of mostly men, who, driven by poverty, hunger, and despair, operate in the margins of society.

The Trento Film Festival will come to an end on May 9, while the online edition of the festival will run until May 16.

Photo: A scene from “Holy Bread” by Iranian director Rahim Zabihi


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