36 properties, traditions in Ardebil added to national heritage list

April 17, 2021 - 18:34

TEHRAN -  A total of 36 movable, immovable, intangible, and natural sites in the northwestern Ardebil province have been registered on the national heritage list.

"Of these, seven immovable monuments include Jajin Tower of Ardebil, Odolo Tomb of Bilesavar city, Zangi Castle of Namin City, Mansourieh Bath of Ardebil, Ardebil Barracks, Arbabi House (Morad Nejad), and Mostafavi House," IRNA quoted Karim Lotfi, deputy director of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts Department of Ardebil, as saying on Saturday.

Referring to the registration of 10 movable properties in the list of national heritage in the last Iranian year (ended March 19), he said: “Baydaqs (banner) No. 1 to 6 Aali Qapo, Baydaq No. 1 Tavar, Qosha Baydaqs Tavar, Baydaq of Onchi Maidan Mosque are among these works.”

Lotfi referred to Chamcheh Khatoon ritual ceremony of Kowsar city, Kildar Gildik Ashi cooking skill of Kowsar city, Khidir Nabi ritual ceremony of Khalkhal city, Qarqara ritual ceremony of Khalkhal city, the local game of Chiling Aghaji, cooking and preservation of Qorma food of Shahsavan nomads, the local game of Qaish Gotordi, the skill of cooking kheshil, the skill of preparing sweets of Qara Shiqalat, the skill of preparing and baking sweets of Roaste and the ceremony of Galin Chikhdi as 12 registered intangible works.

“The habitat of juniper trees in Shamsabad village, old number one and two walnut trees of Guzlu Garmi, number one to three old walnut trees of Onar of Meshginshahr, fossil zone of landscapes of Meshginshahr city and the old walnut tree of Ardebil city are seven natural sites that were nationally registered last year.”

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